Lorrie Morgan’s performance of her late husband Keith Whitley’s popular song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is so touching…

Male and female singers are basically like the rest of us. Even though they could be well-known and have a fortune in the millions, they frequently suffer loss, just like us. They experience joy and sorrow on an equal basis with everyone else.

Some performers are at least able to sing a remembrance song for their deceased lovers when they are on stage. That’s exactly what happened to late husband and superstar of country music Lorrie Morgan.

Many claim that this specific performance was arguably one of Lorrie Morgan’s most difficult ones to date. The song, according to a lot of her devoted followers, is among her greatest.

Morgan used the microphone to sob bitterly about the passing of her late husband. She gave one of his most famous songs a performance, putting all of her feelings into the lyrics’ devastating content. Her late husband Keith Whitley had put out “Don’t Close Your Eyes” back in 1988. Bob McDill was the song’s author.

His 1988 album of the same name featured three singles, the third of which was “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” After its debut, it quickly climbed to the top of the country music charts. It also rose to the top spot on Billboard’s country singles chart for the year.

The gorgeous yet soulful lyrics were adored by listeners all around the world.

Whitley regrettably passed away after just putting out two albums. He passed away on May 9, 1989. Four posthumous albums have been released since his tragic death. Only three months after One’s passing, he was released.

Whitley and Morgan were seen together in a number of videos and photographs during the live rendition of “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” Fans are treated to a sight of the couple slow-dancing as the song comes to an end.

An fantastic country music star is honored by this wonderful song and accompanying music video.

In 1986, Whitley and Morgan became husband and wife. Jesse Keith Whitley was the couple’s only child. Jesse is a musician who has continued his parents’ musical legacy.

Watch this video if you’re prepared to be moved…

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Lorrie Morgan’s performance of her late husband Keith Whitley’s popular song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is so touching…
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