Did you know that this role Johnny Depp won over Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise…

Edward is one of Johnny Depp’s most significant roles in the Tim Burton film “The Young Scissorhands,” which debuted in 1990 but was briefly starring another Hollywood big name.

Depp was in Vancouver, Canada, in the winter of 1989 filming “Special Command,” a program in which undercover police officers pretended to be high school pupils.

Until his agent brought him the script for the strange youngster named Edward in “Scissorhands Man,” the actor was stuck and bored on the aforementioned show. He was drawn in by the narrative right away and started getting ready for the part.

Although Depp believed he was among the young performers who couldn’t land a bigger role, his agency set up a meeting with Tim Burton so that Depp could prepare for the meeting and impress Burton.

The first meeting between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp reportedly took place in a cafeteria of a hotel in Los Angeles, according to the information in the prologue of the interview book “Burton on Burton,” where the actor did everything in his power to demonstrate through the movement of his hands and his charisma that he was the right choice for the movie.

A Johnny Depp was informed that Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson were also being considered as possible Edward actors, and that the script had also been submitted to them, but that he would only agree “so long as in the end the hero’s hands grow and he becomes cute.”

“I found it hard to believe. Burton was prepared to take a risk. Burton made the decision to choose me despite the studio’s wishes for a major star. I instantaneously converted to religion because I believed that divine intervention had occurred. My career did not advance as a result of this employment. This job required freedom. Freedom to express myself creatively, try new things, pick things up, and learn new things,” according to Depp.

“The Young Scissorhands” movie It was their debut project as a team, a movie. Other iconic movies including “Ed Wood,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Corpse Bride,” “The Legend of the Headless Horseman,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Dark Shadows” followed Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp is currently continuing his artistic career following the controversy surrounding his split from Amber Heard, and Tim Burton will be presenting the Netflix series “merlin” in 2022.

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