She was done with people stealing items from her shop, and shamed a thief in front of a crowded bus of passengers…

She had had enough of people stealing goods from her store.

What would you do if anything was stolen from you?
Many of us would undoubtedly contact the police. Others could yell for assistance. Then there are those who will pursue the offenders and broadcast the entire incident live on social media.

You’ve come to the right location if you’re looking for the “most 21st century” method of pursuing criminals.

When Sophia Romo sat next to a woman on the bus, she began her live video.
The unnamed woman was dressed in a frock and a broad-brimmed sun hat. The passengers were shocked when Romo disclosed the truth because she appeared opulent and chic.

Then, she accused her over the phone, using foul language, of entering her store and stealing some of their merchandise.

Look in the Thief’s Purse is a game we can play. Let’s just see what she has,” Romo said in the video, speaking loudly. The woman standing next to her appeared bewildered, baffled, and horrified.

Romo pointed the camera on her phone at the woman’s bag.
Romo screamed, “Oh, she also took a skirt!” when the woman objected. The other passengers in the background may be seen as as perplexed and surprised as the commotion that followed.

Romo even went so far as to say that she would accompany the woman to her home because the latter had promised to pay her there.

When the woman was spotted, the interaction began.
They thought she was a shoplifter, which compelled Romo to act. She told Inside Edition that shoplifting happens frequently. Store owners could usually take action, but they aren’t in a position to do so most of the time.

She claimed that while many criminals flee the scene in cars, this one was unique. The woman commuted and traveled on foot. Romo had the ideal chance at that time.

The offender was eventually caught.
Police were waiting for the woman at the following bus station when Romo phoned the police. She was detained for stealing.

The suspect was called out by Romo on the video, who said, “You’re staring at me like I’m crazy and you took from me. the paradox On August 29, the woman is expected in court.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates that theft costs the economy billions of dollars each year.
According to the group, which works to prevent stealing, almost $13 billion worth of merchandise is stolen annually, or about $35 million each day.

They also supported Romo’s assertions that these crimes are rarely prosecuted. Only one out of every forty-eight shoplifters is apprehended, and only half of those are charged with crimes.

For Romo, the pursuit was definitely worthwhile.
The passengers enjoyed the bus ride, she claimed in an interview with Inside Edition. While doing so, she also gets to carry out justice.

While it could be tempting to follow in Romo’s footsteps, authorities advised against doing so because doing so could lead you to far riskier locations. Others may use violence if confronted if they are armed as well.

Watch as a woman shames a thief in front of a crowded bus of passengers.

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She was done with people stealing items from her shop, and shamed a thief in front of a crowded bus of passengers…
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