Julieta Ortega described how uneasy and awkward it was for her to reside in Jack Nicholson’s home…

He continued, “Besides, I could have taken pictures of his entire house and emailed them to all my actor pals who, when I came, couldn’t believe the story. I started to walk around at one point and no one was watching me.

Prior to the drivers’ compulsory questioning about what was unique about the home of a Hollywood icon, Juliet reassured them that she had seen everything: “I saw drugs, a single type that was enough for me; gold watches, silk pajamas, slippers, cigars, and paintings.”

We arrived because we were with a friend of my friend, because of the Mexican Erika Camil, a former girlfriend of Luis Miguel, who said “I’m going to stop by a friend’s house,” and then we realized that it was all an ambush, assuring the daughter of Paloto Ortega, “I’m not going to tell the whole story because it’s not that entertaining either.” When we understood she was taking us to check if anyone was there, we left.

Juliet I affirms, “We were listening to him talk because he worked very hard to see who was coming and at one point he said make yourself comfortable, do what you want, do you want to get in the jacuzzi? “, regarding the “four hours” that she and Erika spent with the renowned actor. There are swimming costumes. He said, “I got in,” in between chuckles.

Juliet Ortega went on an outing with Ana Paula Dutil, her ex-sister-in-law. Sex, the sexiest piece of art in Buenos Aires, was seen by the actress and former Emmanuel Ortega partner at the Gorriti Art Center.

Julieta and Ana Paula took a picture after admiring the work. Even though the singer and model split in 2018 after 20 years of marriage and the birth of their two children, India and Bautista, they still appear to have a great friendship.

The actress and her ex-sister-in-law attended the J show with a group of friends featuring Osé Mara Muscari and Mati Napp. The daughter of Palito Ortega is friends with Andrea Rincon, who also attended the girls’ night out.

“Sex, I lived your experience” debuted in June 2019. Its formats changed, and so did its cast, but Jose Maria Muscari, your Creator, always ensured its popularity.

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Julieta Ortega described how uneasy and awkward it was for her to reside in Jack Nicholson’s home…
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