Tim Tebow’s actions cause his mother to cry when he sees the date he turned down for the prom…

Tim Tebow is renowned for having a huge heart and being kind; he founded Night to Shine, a global celebration of youth with special needs that takes the shape of a prom. Last year, special needs students from 11 different nations received the red carpet treatment and a fairytale prom.

Judy Adams was present for the New York gathering. She made the decision to ask the founder to be her date for her prom, but he had to say no because of his busy schedule. Even though Judy’s plea to go to prom that night was denied, Tim Tebow didn’t forget about the kind lady or her wish.

Tebow made up to Judy on a “Tonight Show” visit by giving her the biggest surprise of her life. He admitted to Jimmy Fallon, the show’s host, that he was always too busy playing sports in high school to even attend his own prom.

Tebow receives a bouquet from Fallon after he sees it. Tebow jokes about with Fallon about the floral arrangement as if it were his own “promposal,” and the two engage in fun banter about it. As an alternative, he turns to the audience and says he wants to ask a special girl out for a dance tonight.

Judy Adams’s mouth drops, and she runs down to the stage right away. She gets to dance with her ideal prom date when the lights go down. It is often traumatic for parents of children with special needs when their children succeed in activities they are frequently excluded from. Judy’s mother can be seen wiping her tears from her place in the audience.

Tim Tebow’s generosity to Judy elevated an ordinary event like prom and provided her and her mother with a priceless memory they will always treasure.

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Tim Tebow’s actions cause his mother to cry when he sees the date he turned down for the prom…
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