Steven Seagal “instantly attracted” Kelly LeBrock, but she “hated” herself following their divorce…

Steven Seagal, a martial arts movie star, may have enjoyed success in Hollywood as an action icon, but his love life was the complete opposite. In his lifetime, Seagal has been married four times.

In his lifespan, actor Steven Seagal has been married four times. In July 1974, while attending an Aikido seminar, he met his first wife, Miyako Fujitani, at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Seagal went with Japanese Aikido instructor Fujitani when she returned to Osaka in order to run a dojo and instruct the martial art. Fujitani once stated outright that the star of “Under Siege” did not pique her interest since she found him to be too slender and tall.

Fujitani also referred to Seagal as a “Japanese Ghost,” saying that he resembled one. Ironically, as time passed, she began to like him because of his blue eyes and his “pleasant and soft” voice.

In December 1974, Fujitani and Seagal exchanged vows. They had two kids: a daughter named Ayako was born in 1979, and a son named Kentaro arrived in 1975.

But the pair got a divorce in 1987. Later rumors claimed that Seagal’s relationship with Fujitani ended as a result of his liaison with actress Kelly LeBrock.

In addition, Seagal married Adrienne La Russa in 1984 while they were still legally wed. It’s possible that the “Days of Our Lives” alum was unaware that Seagal was still married because the couple’s union was short-lived and later that year it was annulled.

LeBrock and Seagal met in 1987 while she was on a business trip in Japan. The scriptwriter, who was at the time an aspiring actor, was introduced to her by her publicist.

While the model was in the nation filming a 24-page profile for American Vogue, Seagal was there to see his ex-wife Fujitani and their two children.

LeBrock acknowledged that she had spoken to her future husband on the phone before on multiple occasions, but that “I was going to blow him off.”

The “The Woman in Red” star eventually gave up after Seagal hounded her nonstop. She praised his versatility and said he was capable of doing anything.
When he arrived at her room, she stated, “He was just standing there, six feet four inches tall, nice looking, skinny, he spoke fluent Japanese and he could perform acupuncture, Chiropractics, sang, played guitar and drums, and could draw. I finally said I would spend time with him.”

“He appeared to be capable of anything. He was a true Renaissance man, and I was drawn to him right away “”LeBrock” stated.

The couple wed in the same year. However, Hollywood’s hottest woman discovered there would be issues early on in the relationship. LeBrock’s initial favorable opinion of her spouse would eventually deteriorate, and their marriage would fail.

The New Yorker was subjected to a terrifying episode by Seagal in 1988 that destroyed their marriage and resulted in divorce:

Although it was excruciatingly unpleasant to write about that experience for my book, I’m glad the truth will now be revealed.

LeBrock revealed that her love for the couple’s three daughters, Arissa, Annaliza, and Dominic, kept her in the terrible marriage. The mother of three penned a frank book about her terrifying experience with her ex-husband years after divorcing Seagal in 1996.

After nine years of marriage, the former couple decided to split, and LeBrock was open about the painful breakup in an August 2013 interview with MailOnline, revealing that she had grown too terrified to leave the house:

“I will admit that I isolated myself. The divorce I had with Steven was nasty.”

TV at the time broadcast information about the divorce. LeBrock got rid of the TV and even moved her family out of Los Angeles to a distant neighborhood where regular people lived in order to prevent the couple’s children from seeing it.

“I lacked confidence. I despised myself. I made the decision to leave my old life in Beverly Hills and start a new one in Santa Barbara “She spoke.

LeBrock continued, “I feared everything and didn’t want to leave the house,” adding that everything else made her nervous. As a result, she made the decision to become a homebody. In addition to being husband and wife, Seagal and LeBrock also shared a co-starring role in the action film “Hard to Kill” from 1990.

LeBrock admitted that she felt sorry for her ex-husband in a December 2021 interview with Page Six, referring to him as a Hollywood tragedy: “I feel terrible for the man.”
The “Weird Science” actor made the statement that raised questions after a number of women had long before accused him of sexual misconduct.

LeBrock stated, “I just believe he’s a very sad person, and he is what I would call a tragedy of Hollywood. I think he was bullied as a child because he was so sickly and frail, and I suppose those who are treated that way as children grow up to be lost.

She said, “I also wish him the best.” Seagal’s thriving Hollywood career was tarnished for years by controversy. In 2018, he was accused of sexual assault by two women. The recorded instances are said to have happened in 1993 and 2002, respectively.

No charges were taken against the “Above the Law” star, though, because the cases were outside the statute of limitations. Eleven more women afterwards come forward, including well-known Hollywood figures like Jenny McCarthy, Julianna Margulies, and Portia de Rossi.

In addition, Seagal holds dual citizenship with Serbia and Russia. The martial artist was named a special envoy for humanitarian relations with the US by Russia in 2018.

LeBrock divorced him, and she gave up her Hollywood job. Since 1990, the movie legend has lived on a property in California’s Santa Ynez Valley. He recently revealed:

I’ve essentially been without a television for 24 years in the desert of Southern California.

Back then, LeBrock chose a more sedate lifestyle so she could concentrate on raising her kids away from the spotlight. She also claimed that Hollywood was not for her because she preferred being outside and getting her nails dirty.

The brunette beauty revealed to Page Six in 2021 that she wished to remarry and have a family. LeBrock acknowledged that she had met someone else but said that she had a happy life.

“I’ve recently fallen in love for the first time in a very long time after meeting a lovely man that I admire. And to top it off, he is bright. It’s wonderful to have someone intelligent to talk to, and he’s one of the best neurologists in the nation “LeBrock made it known.

In the meantime, Seagal discovered love once more when he met Erdenetuya Batsukh, his fourth wife. The couple was married in 2009, and in September of the same year, they had their one and only child, a son they called Kunzang.

His wife, popularly referred to as “Elle,” was born and raised in Mongolia, where they first met in 2002. Before they started dating, Batsukh worked as Seagal’s assistant for five years.

She is a dancer who excels in ballroom dancing and has won multiple dancing competitions, making her a top dancer in her native Mongolia.

LeBrock, Seagal’s ex-wife, took a 20-year hiatus from the workforce to raise her kids outside of the entertainment industry. She admitted to finding meaning in parenthood to People in 2017.

LeBrock explained that being sexy comes from experience rather than necessarily being young, adding that she developed resilience and had a reason to get out of bed every morning. She claimed to be more seductive than ever.

After divorcing Seagal, the “Celebrity Fit Club” star decided to try marriage again, and in 2007, around the time her ex-husband remarried, she wed retired investment banker Fred Steck.

LeBrock and Seagal’s marriage also spiraled out of control after the birth of their youngest child, daughter Arissa. After Arissa turned one in 1994, her parents went through a difficult divorce not long after she was born.

Despite being raised in a toxic atmosphere, Arissa developed into a self-assured adult who felt good in her own skin. She started modeling in plus sizes.

When she was a high school senior, she started her journey by turning her graduation into a fashion shoot. Arissa planned ahead and utilized the images to land her first modeling gig. She included them in her portfolio and said they were well-liked.

Arissa is a reality television celebrity as well. In 2017, she and her mother both appeared on the Lifetime series “Growing Up Supermodel.” LeBrock totally supports her daughter in her endeavors, however her father was not happy that his child was participating in the show.

She once disclosed that her estranged father called her on a rare occasion to discuss their involvement in the TV show and was not pleased. Arissa stated to TooFab:

He did call me and let me know that he believed reality television was a mistake and that I was doing it wrong.

Because viewers did not connect with the contestants as the network had thought they would, the show did not become a success. Regarding whether a second season will be forthcoming, the channel has kept silent.

The last time Arissa and her father spoke on the phone was when they did so a while ago. She attested that their relationship had deteriorated further:

“As for me, that’s simply how things are with us, so I haven’t spoken to my dad in a long time. Unfortunately, we don’t communicate much.”

Notably, the model disclosed that despite her attempts to use the program to make amends with Seagal, the exact opposite result occurred. Off camera, she does make an effort to contact him.

We haven’t spoken at all, and I feel like things have drifted away a little more than they ever have, since we’ve been winding up and everything, said Arissa. The father-daughter bond appears to be essentially nonexistent.

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Steven Seagal “instantly attracted” Kelly LeBrock, but she “hated” herself following their divorce…
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