Ruth Buzzi’s 43-year-old husband is by her side while she faces a health scare…

Ruth Buzzi was a major force in the comedy world in the 1960s and 1970s. Whether playing the “spinster” Gladys Ormphby or gossip columnist Busy-Buzzi on “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” or guest starring roles on shows like “Donny & Marie,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “Emergency!” and “The Gong Show,” Ruth Buzzi was always guaranteed to make you smile. Fans continue to enjoy her witty one-liners on Twitter, as she has maintained her engaging attitude. She was born with a sense of humor, and she developed her talent from an early age to become the famed comedienne she is today.

Buzzi was reared in Stonington, Connecticut, despite being born on July 24, 1936, in Westerley, Rhode Island. Buzzi, a cheerleader in high school, majored in performing arts at the Pasadena Playhouse and received honors for her degree.

Her early career included off-Broadway engagements as well as live musical and comedic acts. Before making it big with “Laugh-In,” she continued her career in television with parts in “The Garry Moore Show,” “The Entertainers,” and “Sweet Charity.”

Buzzi captivated viewers as the only cast member to participate in all 140 episodes of “Laugh-In.” The sketch show, which served as a forerunner to “Saturday Night Live,” featured a number of recurring characters, including Buzzi’s Ormphby, who gained notoriety for punching Arte Johnson’s Tyrone F. Horneigh, who was constantly making unwanted overtures toward her with her purse. She also portrayed Doris Swizzle, the other half of the barfly duo Leonard Swizzle and Dick Martin, who were both well-liked characters on the show.

The popular program, which featured Goldie Hawn, Lily Tomlin, and Dan Rowan among its ensemble, won Buzzi a Golden Globe in 1973. Buzzi’s status as one of the funniest women on TV has been cemented ever since.

Buzzi continued to build on her “Laugh-In” success throughout the 1980s and 1990s, appearing as herself on “Sesame Street” and contributing her instantly recognizable voice to shows like “The Berenstain Bears.” She had her hubby supporting her throughout her career.

Buzzi wed actor and author Kent Perkins in December 1978, and the couple is still together today, 43 years later. Buzzi has said she loves living on the 600-acre cattle and horse ranch the couple shares in Fort Worth, Texas. Buzzi responded to a tweet regarding the couple’s lack of children with the clever rejoinder, “I would have definitely had kids, but my cat’s allergic.”

She now has more than 200,000 fans on Twitter thanks to her incredibly witty one-liners. With remarks like “My dentist can knock you out with gas or his boat paddle,” “My pronouns are “retired” and “glad,” and my favorite color is malbec,” it’s understandable. Either ether or oar will do. Buzzi always had a joke ready, even when the situation seemed serious.

On July 19, 2022, Perkins disclosed that Buzzi had experienced many strokes that had rendered her “bedridden and incapable.” Perkins posted a picture of Buzzi with the following message on Facebook:

“Ruthie’s birthday was almost a year ago when we took this picture. As she fights the effects of terrible strokes that have rendered her bedridden and incapable, she wants you to know that she is not in agony and that she is aware you are sending her your best wishes. She still remembers all of her friends and loved ones and is still able to converse and understand. She grins as I read her your beautiful compliments.

Buzzi stunned her followers on August 3, 2022, by tweeting a photo of herself grinning and making some of her signature jokes:

“Some people get lucky breaks; I experienced the opposite. However, I appreciate all of your sweet tweets, cards, texts, and correspondence! And even though my funeral plans call for cremation, I’m not yet ready to reduce myself to ash.

Her Twitter followers burst into flames with words of support and inspiration.

“It’s wonderful to see your smile once more. We can tell you won’t be leaving anytime soon because you can make light of your experience. One tweet stated, “This picture changed my morning.

I was concerned about you, so this news makes my day, my word! Thank you so much for the update, and keep improving. We genuinely love you, and we don’t want you to leave anytime soon! Another supporter wrote. “Precious and funny in the deepest moments. We call her Ruthie.

Nobody appreciated Buzzi’s optimistic perspective more than her husband.

“I should also mention that I have been married to Ruth Buzzi for 43 years, who is my dearest friend and the most amazing person I have ever encountered. She has dedicated her life to making people happy, and her love for others knows no bounds,” Perkins stated, adding that his wife is appreciative of all the support she has gotten. “She appreciates you for being her friend with the love of God in her heart and soul. And for the unwavering affection you’ve been giving her for the past 60 years or more… Please know that, no matter what, you have always been loved in return.

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Ruth Buzzi’s 43-year-old husband is by her side while she faces a health scare…
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