Here’s Hilaria Baldwin’s intriguing response to rumours about her fake baby bump…

Hilaria Baldwin has spent much of the last eight years pregnant and will soon be a mother of seven children. Fans who follow her on social media are aware that she enjoys sharing photos of her shifting body shape and expanding baby belly. However, not everyone believes she is pregnant this time around. On Wednesday, the 38-year-old former yoga instructor admitted that some people had referred to her as having a “fake” bump. However, she quickly put an end to the rumors with a healthy dose of humor.

In a post-story update on her Instagram account, Hilaria addressed the rumors.
She shared this image of herself with a Louis Vuitton leather tote while sporting an animal-print tank-style maxi dress. She wore the same dress seven years ago when she was expecting Rafael. She had previously stated that she was contrasting the size of her bumps from the two pregnancies.

“My pals brought up a valid issue concerning my stomach. It kind of appears as though I ate a ball, “In her caption, she added. “I think the crazy online conspiracy theorists with much too much free time have a point here”.

She’s been annoyed by unfavorable reports about her and her family in the past, but this time she shrugged it off and made a small joke about it.
She urged her detractors to investigate the mystery behind her “fake” baby bump.

You guys can now go discuss thoughts and links regarding the type of ball that she had consumed, she joked. “I hope anything you come up with tastes excellent. Please include something encouraging in your tirades.”

She added a PS and said, “Maybe it’s a chocolate ball,” mentioning that it was her “favorite” flavor.

She did, however, mention a small problem with the chocolate ball notion in a subsequent slide.
She posted a video of her child kicking her belly to put an end to the accusations once and for all.

“I had to point out a flaw in the chocolate ball idea because I’m an analytical Capricorn. It shifts, “She laughed.

Yes, there is unquestionably a baby inside.

The child Hilaria and Alec are carrying is a girl.
The momentous announcement was made in a moving video that the couple uploaded to Instagram in May.

In the video, Hilaria says, “My daughter, I can’t wait to see you. Every member of their family is seen on camera giving advise to the newborn, who will soon join siblings Carmen, 8, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 4, Eduardo, 1, and Lucia. Ireland, a daughter of Alec’s marriage to Kim Basinger, is 26 years old.

When they learned about the baby, the Baldwins weren’t actively attempting to grow their family.
Hilaria claims that her most recent pregnancy was a complete shock.

When she formally revealed her pregnancy in March, she wrote on Instagram, “After many ups and downs over the past few years, we have an amazing up and a great surprise: another Baldwinito is arriving this September.” “We were very certain that our family was complete, so we are incredibly grateful for this surprise. Our brand-new baby is a huge source of joy in our lives. a gift and a grace in these unsettling times.”

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Here’s Hilaria Baldwin’s intriguing response to rumours about her fake baby bump…
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