Widowed father of seven gets super emotional after receiving $10,000 as a surprise from…

A widowed father of seven children received the nicest Christmas present ever after losing his wife. His kids would enjoy the holiday.

In July, Dakota Nelson and his wife were enjoying some quality time together in their garage, as they frequently did. They were having fun and laughing, enjoying being with their family and at home. Dakota left his wife in the garage alone herself as he went to fetch a few tools.

She was on the ground and unable to breathe in a matter of seconds.

Son of the couple dialed 911 for assistance. Prior to the arrival of the fire brigade and paramedics, Dakota attempted to revive his wife.

After over 30 minutes without any oxygen to her brain, Dakota’s wife fell into a coma that lasted for a few weeks.
While her spouse was by her side, her body gave out and she passed away.

Dakota now had the difficult burden of taking care of his seven children by himself. The kids’ ages span from one to sixteen. While the older kids help around the house and with the younger kids, Dakota has discovered that being a single father is challenging.

To provide for his children’s basic needs, such as food and clothing, he works three jobs. He wasn’t certain how he would buy gifts for them for Christmas until a Secret Santa started a campaign for his family.

Watch the video below to learn what the unidentified Santa had in store for Dakota and his children as well as how Dakota responded to receiving assistance when he felt there was no hope.

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Widowed father of seven gets super emotional after receiving $10,000 as a surprise from…
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