Mother saw a police officer next to her kid in a strange scene, but later she got surprised by what happened later…

The girls’ mother noticed what was happening and quickly grabbed her phone to record it.

There seems to be a “new child” in town.
Police are frequently portrayed as upholding the law. They pursue criminals, report infractions, or conduct patrols to keep the neighborhood safe.

However, only these tasks should be considered as benefiting the community. Additionally, one should never undervalue the power of engagement as a member of the force.

The neighborhood police in South Hill received a call concerning damaged utilities.
Officer C.B. Fleming arrived at the site where a gas leak was reported. The neighborhood contacted the local law enforcement in because they thought it was hazardous and might start a fire.

Thankfully, the leak was determined not to pose a concern. However, having police around can be a little frightening for kids, particularly for the group that Officer Fleming noticed as he approached the apartment building.

Officer Fleming had a suggestion on how to reassure the children of their safety and calm them down.
He is seen playing with the kids in a video that one of the locals shared online.

He notably spent some time with two groups of children coloring and a group of females playing with dolls on the street.

He didn’t appear to mind being seen in the video holding a box of crayons or playing with the dolls. And the locals appreciate what Officer Fleming did.

More than just playing with the kids, they claimed.
Iesha Roper, one of the residents, noted that children in their community are wary of police. Therefore, having a police officer approach them and engage with them in nice conversation helps them feel safe and seen.

Roper went on to say that he recorded the video not because she anticipated it would go viral but rather to demonstrate to people that her niece didn’t weep and felt secure.

Officer Fleming mentioned that he always sought to promote community involvement, particularly for children. He continued by saying that policing involves more than just issuing tickets and making arrests.

Police play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community, according to Officer Fleming.
He claimed that being a police officer entailed being a catalyst for change, and that in order to achieve that, they must earn the community’s trust. He added that it’s critical for them to support and uplift individuals of all races, creeds, and religions.

When I first started, there were a lot of calls here, Officer Fleming told WTVR. I believed that if I could convince them that I was a trustworthy source and that they could come to me with their problems, I might be able to help.

Roper disagrees with those who believe a cop’s profession shouldn’t involve playing with dolls.
“My child only needs to call C.B. if she needs help in order for him to convince her that she is safe—she doesn’t even need to dial 911. She told, “I’m delighted he made this part of his job.

Officer Fleming’s commitment to the neighborhood earned him the moniker “The South Hill Batman” from the locals.

And the South Hill Batman will defend his neighborhood, whether it means apprehending criminals or performing cartwheels in the streets.

Watch the amazing video here:

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Mother saw a police officer next to her kid in a strange scene, but later she got surprised by what happened later…
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