An emotional video shows the baby hearing her mother for the first time…

Early in November 2021, a woman and her lovely infant girl experienced a very private and wonderful moment. She then chose to put it online for all to see. On November 1, 2021, Christina Pax, a mother, posted a little video of herself interacting with her daughter on TikTok. For most parents, this would seem to be a fairly typical day, but for the couple, it was particularly meaningful because it was the first time Pax’s daughter had ever heard their voices.

Her daughter Riley is deaf, but with the aid of a helpful device—hearing aids—she was finally able to hear Pax’s voice. The young girl was able to hear her own mother’s voice among other new sounds thanks to the gadget. As they sat together, it was a really touching and lovely moment for both the mother and the daughter. Pax posted the video for a significant reason in addition to being able to relive her personal experience with her child.

Pax was initially hesitant to broadcast the footage of the touching moment, but she eventually agreed to do so in order to advocate for the deaf community and create awareness about what it’s like to raise a deaf child. She also wanted to elaborate on her perspective on hearing aids.

People from all around the world have subsequently been moved by the baby’s emotional response after discovering the brief video and admiring the lovely interaction between the mother and daughter.

Pax is a mother who is presently learning American sign language and supporting deaf awareness, according to her TikTok bio. Pax shared a touching moment with her deaf daughter Riley in a TikTok video that she uploaded on November 1st, 2021. The mother posted the video along with a disclaimer explaining why she had initially hesitated and what ultimately convinced her to post the tape.

Pax clarified: “I contemplated posting this video of my deaf kid hearing my voice for the first time before deciding against it. Hearing aids are not some sort of’magical solution’ for the deaf. There is no need to fix deaf people. They are merely a means of accessing sound. But for us, this was a really memorable time.

The Mayo Clinic claims that there are several hearing aid varieties with various functionalities, some of which aid in hearing voices and others of which aid in reading lips. Pax talked to her daughter, who was seen in the video wearing hearing aids, in a kind manner. The baby displayed an emotional response throughout the video, smiling, crying, and laughing as she was obviously moved by hearing her mother’s voice.

Over a million people have watched the TikTok video since then, and there have been many favourable comments. She’s so in love with the voice she’s known her entire life, according to one commenter. “Oh my my, this made me cry,” said another. What a unique and priceless time.

“OMG the intensity manner she’s taking everything in and soaking you in,” remarked a third TikTok user. She feels both joy and exhaustion. It’s evident that many viewers of the brief footage felt the same emotions that Pax and her daughter did when they were filming it.

Watch the touching video here:

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An emotional video shows the baby hearing her mother for the first time…
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