The baby girl was born with one lung and given little chance to live…

Charlotte Valliere, who is only 7 months old, has graduated. Charlotte, who was born with just one lung and a number of respiratory problems, has spent the majority of her young life away from her parents and twin sister at Rady Children’s Hospital in California. But all changed on August 1 when she was released from the hospital after successfully undergoing a procedure for which the prognosis was barely 20%.

Joshua and Karla Valliere welcomed two daughters into the world in December 2021: Charlotte and Olivia, who are identical twins. However, according to Good Morning America, Charlotte was hospitalized in San Diego in January for breathing problems and a lung illness.

Charlotte had only one lung when she was born, although the Vallieres were aware of this.

Karla Valliere said on Good Morning America that “her one lung swelled like 1.5 sizes, so it was compensating for the missing of the second one.” “So, all the studies were conducted by doctors. After four days in the hospital, we were given the all-clear to leave because she was completely fine—her oxygenation was perfect.”

Before Charlotte’s health took a turn, the family spent six weeks at home together in what Karla calls “absolute pleasure.”

On January 29, the Vallieres left Rady once more. Charlotte was positioned on an ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation device. Eventually, tracheal stenosis and full tracheal rings, a congenital abnormality in Charlotte’s airway characterized by aberrant rings in her trachea or windpipe and abnormal constriction in the area, were identified as the cause. Blood vessels were found encircling her trachea.

Charlotte’s required surgery would have to wait until she was older.
Charlotte’s combination of ailments is unusual, according to Dr. Matthew Brigger, head of the pediatric otolaryngology department at Rady Children’s Hospital.

We were aware that she had a delicate airway, and that if something went wrong while we were attempting to maintain her intubated, it might damage the airway and make it harder for us to fix it. So, in a way, the ECMO served as a bridge to surgery, he explained.

Charlotte was born weeks early and was undersized for her age, in addition to having respiratory problems. She wouldn’t be able to get the procedure till she was bigger. Brigger was aware that the surgery was perilous, but he didn’t fully inform the Vallieres of the situation because it was dire.

At first, Brigger said, “I told the parents, ‘Well, if we can get through surgery, I’m going to give her 50-50. However, I was more focused on the first 20% of the procedure at the moment because I knew how much we had to endure.

Brigger reported that “she breezed through surgery.”
Charlotte’s operation went well, which is good. Brigger referred to Charlotte as “a fighter,” and he and his colleagues were successful in carrying out the surgery. According to Brigger, she “sailed” through it.

Charlotte faced difficulties during her stay in the hospital even though she had the will to live. There were difficulties, numerous surgeries, and treatments. The Vallieres claimed Charlotte served as their inspiration.

“She was the thing that, in my opinion, brought us through. Karla claimed that she never displayed any signs of vulnerability.

Before being discharged, Charlotte stayed in the hospital for 185 days. “It was basically a roller coaster of emotions,” the speaker said. But now that they are together, it was worthwhile, Karla said.

Parents of Charlotte claim to be in awe of their daughter. The tiger that she was “Josh revealed. “Her twin is not a redhead, therefore it’s strange that her hair actually turned red.

Brigger concurs and expresses optimism for Charlotte’s prospects in this life. “The prognosis is excellent. It’s possible that she won’t be competing in marathons in the future, but given that Charlotte she might. She has consistently shown everyone wrong. I anticipate her to be able to lead a fulfilling life “he stated.

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The baby girl was born with one lung and given little chance to live…
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