John Ritter’s wife reveals the rare disease that took the actor’s life, and shares about the foundation in his name…

With the passing of John Ritter 15 years ago, the world lost one of its most adored TV fathers.

The 8 Basic Dating Rules The star of My Teenage Daughter passed away unexpectedly at age 54 following what was initially thought to be a heart attack.

It turned determined that he suffered an aortic dissection for which there was no known cause.

The dangerous ailment, which is frequently referred to as a “silent killer,” happens when “the inner layer of the aorta, the main blood conduit branching off the heart, breaks.” The symptoms can be difficult to identify since they mimic those of other illnesses, but if they are caught early and treated, the prognosis for survival greatly increases.

Ritter was taken to a hospital after complaining that he wasn’t feeling well during dress rehearsals. He was given blood thinners by doctors, which are never appropriate for treating internal bleeding, and later that evening while filming, he passed away.

The Three’s Company actor was one of the 15,000 Americans who succumb to the frequently misdiagnosed illness each year, yet his death was not in vain.

In order to spread awareness about the very uncommon disease, the actor’s widow Amy Yasbeck established a foundation in his honor after he passed away.

The actress recently spoke about her tragic loss and the work she has been doing with the John Ritter Foundation, which includes bringing awareness to aortic dissection and raising funds for research.

Yasbeck has made it her goal to stop another family from losing a family member in the same way that she did. Yasbeck filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and doctors who treated her spouse.

Aortic dissection is fatal when it’s mistaken for heart disease, according to Yasbeck, who spoke to Healthline.

She discussed how the foundation collaborated with the Thoracic Aortic Disease (TAD) Coalition to develop a set of guidelines that will assist individuals recognize the symptoms of aortic dissection in an interview with the Washington Post last year.

“Ritter Rules” is something we came up with.”

10 regulations that were taken directly from the treatment recommendations for aortic dissection, she said. “That weren’t present when John died. They were released in 2010 by a group I’m a part of.

Sharp pain that comes on quickly and typically impacts the chest, neck, back, or stomach is one of the symptoms. One of the first indications that anything is off is this.

If a person suspects they have an aortic dissection, they should seek medical attention right once because the risk of death increases by 1% every hour. In order to diagnose the illness, clinicians must order a CT scan, MRI, or transesophageal echocardiography rather than relying just on an X-ray or EKG, claims the organization.

Family history is a factor in many illnesses, too. Yasbeck advises individuals with genetic concerns to get tested early on because there is a bigger chance if aortic dissection runs in the family.

Drug usage, poorly controlled blood pressure, and chest traumas are some more potential reasons.

Despite the fact that Yasbeck’s work helps individuals all around the nation, she also benefits from it. She is able to maintain contact with her late spouse through her work with the John Ritter Foundation.

I never run out of him because I share his universe with other people, she claimed.

The former Wings member stated, “I try to be specific and realistic about the risk.

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John Ritter’s wife reveals the rare disease that took the actor’s life, and shares about the foundation in his name…
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