A glorious throwback to when Olivia Newton-John and Barry Gibb sang “Islands in the Stream” together…

Great musicians have the ability to transform long-loved songs into something fresh and extraordinary. This was demonstrated by Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John when they sang Islands In the Stream together in 2009 at the Sound Relief benefit event.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground simultaneously streamed the concert that was physically taking place at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Due to the high-quality video, concertgoers in both places had the opportunity to see these performers at their very best both individually and as a pair.

Beautiful exterior pictures of the stage’s panoramic screen can be seen in the video. The stage lighting is of exceptional quality, and each artist is well-dressed.

In order to give Newton-John time to welcome the crowd, Gibb vamps the band. The audience’s volume quickly drops as Gibb begins the first line as they get ready for this great gift.

The fact that Gibb and the Bee Gees wrote this song for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton should not be overlooked. He and Newton-John maintain the song’s high caliber as delivered by Rogers and Parton while allowing for some interpretation and light vamping near the bridge. During this period, they totally involve the audience as well, including them as a player in the bridge prior to the refrain’s last line.

Although Gibb gives Newton-John the spotlight at the piece’s opening and during the bridge, she takes care to remain in contact with him. This really is a duet. The energy in the room changes to her as she sings the solo line during the second verse’s key change. Her attention shifts back to Gibb as he participates in the song, though. Their cooperation is amazing.

Watch the amazing video here:

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A glorious throwback to when Olivia Newton-John and Barry Gibb sang “Islands in the Stream” together…
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