A mom wanted her sons to become good husbands, so she used this trick that went viral on the internet…

The mother of one TikToker refused to believe that chivalry was dead.

Doug Weaver, who goes by the handle @dougweaveraert, created a “husbands in training” curriculum for him and his two brothers when they were young and explained it in a video on TikTok. He claimed that the classes started when he was a little child and covered topics like eating habits, respect for ladies, and basic civility.

“My mother used to do something for my two elder brothers and me when we were kids called “husbands in training.” A comprehensive, multi-level program on being a better husband was offered “In the video, he said.

“What to do if your spouse says anything and their information is incorrect was one of the topics covered. How to respond if they say something incorrectly in public versus private, when to correct them, and when not to. We discussed consent, the fundamentals of honoring and respecting women, listening to women, and all the other things that, in the end, just make you a decent human being.”

Weaver claimed that the lessons in the curriculum had an impact on every aspect of his life, and that when his father was a high school student, he decided to join the “program” after realizing that he himself hadn’t mastered these lessons.

“In the interim, we could put what we learned into practice by treating every woman we met with respect, starting with her. She wanted us to understand how to be in a healthy long-term relationship. Not only was it expected of us to learn it, but also to demonstrate our knowledge to her.”

And the icing on the cake?

On the day of our wedding, each of us received a certificate of completion that was even made by my mother and signed by her, according to Weaver.

Weaver noted that now that all three brothers are wed, their spouses are appreciative of the lessons they received:

My mom worked extremely hard to try to raise some decent men, and now that my brothers and I are all married, I believe that all three of our wives truly appreciate it.

Weaver’s spouse said to Buzzfeed: “My family and I all admired Doug’s table manners and maybe even made light of them a little. Never before had a pork steak been carved with such care and finesse. He first mentioned “husbands in training” at that time, he continued, adding that “his mother taught him the fundamentals of how to treat people, how to be himself without feeling guilty or ashamed, and how to live each moment to the fullest.”

Weaver, who is now a proud father of a kid, promised to teach his son the lessons he had discovered:

“I’m making sure that my son understands how consent functions and that it is still necessary after marriage. recognizing instances in which other males are putting women in danger or distress Healthy conflict resolution techniques include knowing how to express your emotions in a healthy manner and knowing how to react when someone else communicates their emotions to you.”

With 1.5 million likes and more than 51,500 comments, the video has won the affection of the internet community.

“details on online courses? I call my husband’s friend and ask for his help “read one remark.

“Please turn this into a real course we can buy. If a man wants to date us, he need demonstrate that he passed “reading one more

If you want to see more, Weaver launched a YouTube channel called Husbands in Training where he posts videos of him and his mother talking about various subjects.

Watch him telling about it here:

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A mom wanted her sons to become good husbands, so she used this trick that went viral on the internet…
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