A 12-year-old young girl created a flexible device that will save children’s lives and won a prize…

This is outstanding.

Losing someone to something so avoidable is very tragic.
Nearly 40 kids pass away each year as a result of being abandoned in a car. When an automobile is turned off, the temperature inside can soar, especially if it is left outside in the sun. Heatwaves are significantly riskier now because they are more frequent.

Of these children, 87% are under the age of 3. And it was because of these tragic statistics that a 12-year-old girl was inspired to create something that will help parents further prevent this from happening.

When Lydia Denton read about children dying in a hot automobile, she admitted to crying.
The fact that these deaths occurred, despite being judged avoidable, shocked her the most.

Denton transformed this suffering and annoyance into something more substantial, something that can genuinely alter people’s lives. She changed it so that it now has the potential to save these youngsters.

She created a car seat accessory.
But it’s not just any kind of automobile accessory. The gadget can gauge a car’s interior temperature and notify parents and emergency personnel if the temperature inside the vehicle is rising dangerously.

“Beat The Heat Car Seat” is the name of the gadget.

She considered two crucial factors when designing the device.

First, can it genuinely be of assistance? And second, whether people will be able to buy them is something that is as crucial.

The cost of the gadget is about $50. When something more than five pounds is placed over the seat’s pressure pads, they are set off. It will start recording the temperature after it has recorded the weight.

The gadget may be relocated from one car seat to another and is also portable. A message to 911 with the car’s GPS location will be sent if the parent doesn’t reset the device within 60 seconds.

CITGO’s contest was won by her invention.
Students in elementary and middle schools who are interested in applying their STEM skills to create ideas that will create a “better and more sustainable world” are eligible to participate in the CITGO Fueling Education Student Challenge.

She intended to use the $20,000 prize money she received for her innovation to advance the design of her seat.

She admitted that she entered as many competitions as she could in order to launch her innovation onto the market as quickly as possible.

The creation is the result of “family work,” she added.
She told Skilled Morning America, “Once I developed the prototype, I called in my brother, who is incredibly terrific at coding, and my sister, who is a good peacemaker.” “She would help bring us refreshments and she would help us design it to make it better when we would get frustrated,”

It makes perfect sense that their mother, Covey Denton, is proud of them. She remarked that watching her children collaborate to find a practical answer was motivating.

Her accomplishment is very amazing.
It only goes to show that not only adults have the desire to alter life. Who knows what other issues youngsters in STEM fields can resolve if we provide them with greater funding and support?

Kids don’t understand what is impossible, Denton’s mother says in reference to those who aspired to be like her. They have huge dreams.

See how this 12-year-old hopes to use a flexible car seat to save lives:

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A 12-year-old young girl created a flexible device that will save children’s lives and won a prize…
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