Police officers arrive to a wedding, and the reason behind will warm your heart…

As Ashley prepared to leave for the senior prom, a group of sympathetic police officers showed up in her father’s honor.

It is a well-known fact that police officers look out for one another and support one another.

In order to ensure that senior Ashley Walker felt like her father was a part of her special day on prom night, the O’Fallon Police Department in Illinois worked with them.

After a two-year fight with cancer, Ashley’s father, police officer Carl Walker, passed away the year before.

According to the police department’s Facebook page, 18-year veteran Carl “worked honestly and faithfully as a public servant” and that he “was born to be a police officer.”

Walker worked as a detective with the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, Child Death Task Force, and Criminal Investigations Division.

For his efforts and dedication to law enforcement and his community, he was given numerous accolades, including police officer of the year in 2012.

His O’Fallon Police Department coworkers therefore wanted to ensure that his family was cared for following his passing.
On prom night, Ashley was surprised to hear sirens and see a line-up of more than a dozen police officers waiting to give the senior a proper send-off to the dance.

“They just all started leaving and kept giving me flowers, which made me incredibly pleased. And I’m overjoyed that they succeeded. Walker said, “I believe my father is looking down on me and thinking, “Wow, this is great that these boys and gals stepped in when he couldn’t be here.

Ashley was glad to see the cops who had also seen her grow up even though she still missed having her father present for prom.

They continue to be a member of her family.

Ashley remarked, “I kind of feared he wouldn’t be there for my one and only prom. When I saw them, all of my disappointment and sadness at his absence vanished.

Stacey Hawkins, Ashley’s mother, said how grateful she was as well.

These men knew Ashley and had seen her develop. They are familiar with our clan, Stacey Hawkins said. And watching others approach her, compliment her, and enjoy themselves is really sweet.

Although many of the cops were off duty, they still made an effort to show up.

Detective Chloee Frank claimed that he and his colleagues were astounded and inspired by Ashley’s fortitude.
So, Frank stated, “It was incredibly essential for us to show up and remind them that even if Carl isn’t here, we’re still here and we’ll take care of them in whatever way we can.

Ashley remarked that it was the ideal beginning to her prom night and one she will remember forever.
Ashley remarked, “I simply see so much of my dad in all of them. There aren’t enough words to express how appreciative I am, and I’m just glad they were all able to express themselves.

Watch the touching video below:

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Police officers arrive to a wedding, and the reason behind will warm your heart…
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