Andrea Bocelli sings Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” with his son…

Everyone is familiar with Andrea Bocelli’s voice type. When we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, it is mesmerizing to hear. But a lot of people are unaware that Bocelli has a talented son named Matteo Bocelli. For a very good reason, Matteo is rapidly gaining the same level of notoriety as his father in the music industry.

They not only resemble one another visually but also vocally. Despite having classical training, audiences sometimes refer to Andrea and Matteo as classical crossover vocalists. Throughout his career in the music industry, Andrea has had the incredible chance to perform with a variety of musicians.

We are fortunate to hear one of his most outstanding duets, which he sang with his own father. The song “Fall on Me” features Matteo and Andrea. They both sung lovely songs in Italian and English in remembrance of the other.

Another featured musician on Andrea’s album “Si” is Matteo Bocelli’s brother Amos, who plays the piano. Both brothers were astonished when it was announced that Andrea and British artist Ed Sheeran would be recording a duet.

A very well-liked celebrity with a very distinctive voice is Ed Sheeran. He already has a catalog of hits that are beloved by people everywhere. Andrea wasn’t really sure what or who he would be dealing with when the concept was presented to him.

To get to Andrea’s stunning Tuscan house, Ed boarded a plane. According to Rolling Stone, they made the song “Perfect” there for Ed’s album “Divine.” But in order to prepare himself, Andrea asked a lot of inquiries about the renowned artist before Ed came over to his house.

He claimed that Ed Sheeran is a favorite of his two sons, who were excited to meet the famous singer and hear him perform live. He claims that they were moved by the experience and were in awe of the well-known vocalist.

Matteo and Andrea made the decision to collaborate on another tune. None other than “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran was the music they selected. At first, Andrea sings in the background as Matteo takes center stage.

Throughout one particular performance of the song, the 20-year-old tried his best to sound more like the celebrity. Andrea gave Matteo a heartfelt pat on the back as he concluded his solo and returned the spotlight to his father.

The older Bocelli chose to sing in Italian when he first began. You won’t believe how wonderful “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran sounds in this lovely language!

Watch the incredible video below:

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