Jane Fonda participates in hilarious Jimmy Fallon parody, embracing the “Coastal Grandma” trend…

By all accounts, Jane Fonda is the ideal “coastal grandma.”

The Grace and Frankie actor, 84, collaborated with host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s edition of The Tonight Show for a parody music video that featured the “coastal grandma” look, one of the biggest viral social media trends of the summer 2022.

In the video, Fallon sings about his love for coastal grandmas—a term that social media star Lex Nicoleta invented on TikTok last spring—while sporting a ’90s-inspired ensemble that includes a white leather jacket and baggy leggings.

He sings, “You don’t realize what your energy is doing to me. Tell me what you name this; I’m in misery. It seems like all of your coolness comes naturally.”

Statement necklace, floppy hat, breeze in your linen pants—nothing there’s wrong with any of that, he continues.

In the parody video, Fonda flawlessly captures the “coastal granny” look, which was initially influenced by Nancy Meyers films, wearing a beige top, a big gold seashell necklace, and a white sweater across her shoulders.

Fallon expresses appreciation for the “coastal granny” in the parody’s overall lifestyle as well as the trend’s fashion sense.

“Your gardening gloves just drive me crazy,” he sings, “only you could wear 18 shades of beige and blue, an open kitchen, sensible shoes, divorce your husband, and binge watch The View.”

At the end of the video, Fonda looks through her purse and calls out, “Anybody need Tums?”

Celebrities including Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez have rocked the “coastal grandma” trend since it first appeared this spring.

In a popular TikTok video from March, Nicoleta identified the coastal granny trend.

You inquire, “What is a coastal grandmother?” In the video, Nicoleta says. If you enjoy watching Nancy Meyers movies, coastal themes, food and cooking, Ina Garten, interior design, and other things, you probably identify as a “coastal grandma.”

And no, in order to be a “coastal grandma,” you do not need to be a grandmother, she said. It is open to everyone and everyone.

In an interview in April, Nicoleta went into additional detail about the tendency.

“There is just this sense of comfort and safety that comes along with it, and I was always drawn to this lifestyle you see in a Nancy Myers movie or when you’re visiting a cousin who lives by the seaside,” she said.

She continued, “It’s really just about romanticizing your life and nurturing little moments of enjoyment – reading on your terrace, cooking in your kitchen, or brewing your morning coffee. “Details definitely matter”.

Watch the video here:

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Jane Fonda participates in hilarious Jimmy Fallon parody, embracing the “Coastal Grandma” trend…
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