Before meeting John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John nearly rejected the “Grease” role…

When she was asked to be the lead in the musical “Grease,” Olivia Newton-John had already established herself as a popular musician. Until she encountered blue-eyed John Travolta, the musician did not seem interested, and it appeared that nothing would make her change her mind.

It was devastating to learn that Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8 at the age of 73 following a protracted battle with breast cancer.

Before she passed away, the legendary actress and singer, best remembered for her career-launching role in the film “Grease,” was a committed and enthusiastic supporter of breast cancer research.

The four-time Grammy Award winner updated her followers on social media about her health issues over the years. John Easterling, her husband, posted a message on social media announcing her passing.

He praised the late singer for revealing her battle with breast cancer and serving as a symbol of success and hope for more than 30 years.

Easterling added that she would continue to use herbal medicine and be inspired by healing through her work with the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund.

Following the news of her passing, condolences to the late actress flooded in, especially from the cast of “Grease.” Olivia was described by actress Stockard Channing, who played Pink Lady Betty Rizzo, as the most endearing person she had ever encountered.

She lauded the late actress for having the buoyancy, kindness, and grace that Channing remembers about her. The actor John Travolta, who played Danny Zuko alongside her in the 1978 musical film, was also at the forefront of those paying tribute. Travolta shared an old photo of her along with a touching tribute on his Instagram.

“You, Olivia, have greatly improved our quality of life. Your influence was tremendous. I adore you a lot. We’ll all be back together when we see you down the road. From the first minute I saw you, you were all mine. Your John and your Danny!”

When Olivia Newton-John played the snarky high school student Sandy in the 1978 musical “Grease,” she won the hearts of millions of people. The actress, however, claimed in her book that she almost turned down the role that catapulted her to international renown.

“You, Olivia, have greatly improved our quality of life. Your influence was tremendous. I adore you a lot. We’ll all be back together when we see you down the road. From the first minute I saw you, you were all mine. Your John and your Danny!”

Olivia was already a well-known music artist when the “Grease” production crew assembled the cast; she was 28 at the time. On the US music charts, her song “I Honestly Love You” peaked at number one.

At a dinner party, she met producer Alan Carr, who suggested she be the ideal choice to play Sandy alongside the young, 23-year-old Travolta.

The singer’s first opinion was that, at 28, she was too old to play a high school student and that, in addition, she had previously starred in two films, both of which were box office duds.

She declined Carr’s offer, stating that she would rather concentrate on her singing career than making a movie. Before sending Travolta to convince her, the producer’s attempts to change her mind were unsuccessful.

The actor hugged the singer as if they had been lifelong friends before attempting to persuade her, but Travolta’s magnetism proved to be too much for the artist. In her memoir, the actress described the incident as follows:

“When I got outdoors, I was met with the world’s most welcoming grin and those piercing blue eyes. John Travolta exudes unadulterated happiness and love in person.”

The actress soon found herself setting up a screen test to determine if they had chemistry on-screen, but the cast and crew realized they made a great pair even before the actress said a word.

Travolta and Olivia experienced sexual tension while filming, which was quite obvious to both of them and the cast and crew.

It all came to a head when the couple unexpectedly kissed during the filming of the musical’s conclusion, according to their co-star Did Conn, who portrayed Frenchie.

Conn claims that the actress was taken aback when Travolta kissed her, but she eventually responded, which made the kiss authentic and unscripted.

The kissing scene, however, was not included in the first film. The two helped each other out while filming, with Travolta ruining a take to nudge Olivia to improve silently.

When the musical was eventually launched, all of their diligence and chemistry paid off. The film, which Paramount produced for just $6 million, broke records and became a cultural sensation.

With a staggering $160 million in box office revenue, the movie outperformed rivals like “Superman” and “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” Fans lined up and cheered the actors as they walked and stopped to speak to reporters during the movie premiere.

Travolta and Olivia’s kiss at the Paramount Network-hosted “Grease” afterparty fueled even more dating rumors. The pair felt a tug within themselves even though the majority of people—especially the fans—wanted them to get married.

However, their friendship was never more than that. Additionally, they were both connected with other people at the time, so that aspect of things never really worked out.

Despite their shared love for one another, they chose to respect their respective spouses and jobs at the time. They had intense sexual chemistry and tension, but they never expressed their feelings.

Additionally, Diana Hyland, Travolta’s lover, passed away from breast cancer just before “Grease” began production.

Even when they were filming the musical, Olivia noticed the actor’s talents, attractiveness, and the pain behind his eyes. Travolta was charming, approachable, sincere, and weak.

Travolta and Olivia remained friends after the musical’s filming. Both individuals performed “You’re The One I desire” at a celebration for Paramount Studios’ 90th anniversary in 2002, where both individuals were present.

They made an appearance in 2006, strolling hand in hand down the Penfolds Icon Gala red carpet. At the G’Day USA in Australia black-tie gala two years later, they met up again and posed for pictures.

Together, they continued to perform as “Grease” actors at events, occasionally donning their original garb for meet-and-greets.

Travolta wore the trademark leather biker jacket and black pants as his persona, while Olivia wore a yellow pleated skirt, a white top, and a matching yellow cardigan.

The relationship between Travolta and Olivia depended on their friendship, which grew stronger after the actor’s wife, Kelly Preston, passed away from breast cancer in 2020. Olivia, who is also battling cancer, said in an interview:

“You know, John and Kelly wanted to keep her sickness hidden and private, and I want to honor that. I’ll just say they are dear friends, and she was a wonderful human,” she said.

She also discussed their friendship and how, years after the premiere of “Grease,” they had both developed enduring bonds.

Olivia, meantime, made a video to refute claims that appeared in 2019 about her. Olivia said she was OK and thanked her supporters for their help.

Travolta did, however, assist the actress in her fight against breast cancer. Olivia unfortunately passed away at her Australian home after years of fighting. Both Travolta and the world will miss the celebrity.

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Before meeting John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John nearly rejected the “Grease” role…
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