Jack Wagner loses his 27-year-old son ten years after reuniting with his long-lost daughter, who formed a “automatic bond”…

Harrison, the youngest son of soap opera actor Jack Wagner, died unexpectedly. He also discovered that his only daughter had been given up for adoption and admitted that there was nothing he could do about it legally.

After a brief affair, actor Jack Wagner learned that he was the father of a kid. In 2014, Jack made an appearance on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” and talked about the first time he met his long-lost daughter.

The pop singer claimed that Rick Springfield, a friend and fellow musician, had asked him to be a guest artist on his cruise in Lauderdale, Florida.

Jack claimed that a young girl entered his room and tightly held him just five minutes before he walked on stage to play. She asked him whether he knew who she was despite his confusion:

“You don’t know who I am, did she say? I refused. I’m your daughter, she declared.”

He and his daughter’s mother “hooked up once together, and she was in a position where she felt she wasn’t able to raise” their child, the “General Hospital” star said.

Jack revealed that his daughter Kerry’s mother had made the difficult choice to place her for adoption. He revealed that she called him on the day the unnamed woman gave birth to their child in 1988 to tell him that he was the father.

The native Missourian added that Kerry’s mother had told him about her choice to place their child for adoption. Jack said that he called his attorney and tried the best he could to stop the adoption process, but to no effect as his legal options were constrained. He admitted that at the time he was unsure whether or not she was speaking the truth.

Later, his adult daughter located her birth mother, with whom she corresponded before meeting in person. Kerry remembered how she discovered Jack when she and her father made an appearance on “Anderson Live” in April 2012.

The brunette beauty was honest when she admitted that she avoided inquiring about her father from her mother out of concern for what she would learn. But as she and her mother looked through a photo album, the real identity of her birth father became clear.

Kerry claimed that when a picture of her father appeared, her mother warned her to brace herself and introduced him. She recalled that when her mother questioned Kerry about whether she recognized the man in the photo, Kerry had no idea. His name was given to her by her mother, and they Googled him.

Jack revealed that Kerry went on a cruise with him after entering his “life in that very unorthodox way.” They got to know one another over the course of five days: “She is my daughter, which is a true blessing. We confirmed this with a DNA test. It has truly been a gift to me.”

When his long-lost daughter was a Florida-based dance instructor aged 23, Jack finally got to meet her. According to Kerry’s Instagram account, she now enjoys performing arts and photography. When talking about her a year later, her father admitted in March 2012 that he still became emotional:

“I’m extremely sensitive. She has become a new source of hope for me and my sons, and I am incredibly appreciative of her courage in coming to find me.”

Kerry was raised by foster parents in New York City and hired a private detective to find her biological parents. On that memorable day, Jack appeared at a concert in Boca Raton, Florida thanks to a breakthrough by the P.I.

The “The Bold and the Beautiful” actress introduced Kerry to the audience and invited her to another performance the following day after they first met. She was also invited to spend Thanksgiving with Harrison and Peter, his two sons.

Jack had two children with Kristina Wagner, his ex-co-star, wife, and fellow actor, whom he married on December 18, 1993. Sadly, after 13 years of marriage, he and Kristina got divorced on June 30, 2006.

In September 1990, the couple gave birth to Peter, an actor best known for “The Storyteller.” His younger brother Harrison, an actor best known for the 2000 film “Protection,” came in December 1994 and followed him.

Jack reportedly remarked that his children were at a stage in their life where he was their primary caregiver “moral guide. God be with them both “he observed The actor from “When Calls The Heart” is a proud parent as well.

He said his firstborn had won the Junior Club Championship at Bel-Air. “the final three holes were pars. both up and down one-putts. None of us Wagners hit greens. We putt and chip, “explained the three-time parent.

Jack said that first, his sons were “perplexed and wanted to have a DNA test, and we did that,” when he told them he had a daughter he was unaware of.

For the first time, the blended family spent a week together, and according to Jack, Kerry brought “an extraordinary female spirit into the boy-man house.” He revealed that, in the end, all three of his children had a bond:

“They clicked. Now, they are nearby. It’s been a small miracle for us that they are in daily contact.”

Kerry claimed that because she didn’t have any siblings growing up, she had always wanted them. She characterized her two half-brothers as two distinct individuals with dissimilar characteristics. Kerry added that a “automatic bond” formed between them.

The family experienced tragedy just as she was adjusting to having two boys in her life. Harrison, the youngest sibling, tragically passed away from drug addiction in June 2022 at the age of 27.

At the time, he was found dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles. The Wagners said Harrison “ultimately lost his battle with addiction” before passing away.

In July 2022, Jack posted on Instagram for the first time, thanking his followers for their support following the unexpected death of his son:

Thank you so much for your love and support; it means more to me than you can ever imagine.

Peter, in the meantime, paid tribute to his younger brother online. He shared several old pictures of them when they were young along with the message, “Always with you.”

Sophia Bui, Harrison’s longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend, also wrote a moving letter to her beloved boyfriend in a lengthy Instagram post.

Bui admitted that she was “broken-hearted,” adding that they had plans and that Harrison had called to apologize before he passed away.

She said that despite the emotional ups and downs they experienced over the years, they remained deeply in love despite everything. “Baby, I’ll always be yours. No matter what happens in this life or any other, I will always choose to love you “stated Bui. Seven years were spent together as a pair.

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Jack Wagner loses his 27-year-old son ten years after reuniting with his long-lost daughter, who formed a “automatic bond”…
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