Grandpa tears heartstrings by singing to his down syndrome grandson at a birthday party…

There is no other relationship like the one between grandchildren and their grandparents. This happened to young Joseph, whose stepgrandfather sang the Louis Armstrong classic “What A Wonderful World” to him. The fact that Joseph has Down syndrome makes this moment even more special.

On April 8, 2022, Meghan Gonoude uploaded a video to TikTok and YouTube showing a young child sitting on his grandfather’s lap during a backyard gathering. The day was gorgeous and sunny. It seemed that a karaoke machine was also offered for the occasion. The grandfather sang the upbeat song’s lyrics while holding a microphone. The tiny youngster was mesmerized and could not take his eyes off his adored grandpa, following his gaze whenever he pointed upward.

Many of the spectators in the tent behind them sprang up to record the moving moment on camera as they were enthralled by the performance as well. “Happy Birthday Joseph Lorenzo,” was written on a banner within the tent along with several vibrant balloons.

Little Joseph appeared mesmerized by his grandfather’s singing, his face painted to resemble a tiger. Grandpa sang bar after bar of the song, and he gently placed his head on his chest a couple times. He is obviously not happy where he is because of his open mouth and big eyes. The grandfather eventually extended his hand for a handshake, and Joseph grabbed it while giggling slightly.

Since then, the video has gained enormous popularity, garnering on TikTok more than 614,000 likes and 22,000 comments. “We love Brad!” read the caption on the video. Joseph’s grandfather is Brad. Uncle Dave is an extra grandparent for Joseph. There is so much love surrounding Joseph!

Commenters gushed about the touching moment, praising how much more “beautiful” the world is now that this footage is available.

One user commented, “Love like this makes the world great!!!” Another person remarked, “Wow such an old song done so well, then I wish that all children grow up in a nice world.” I rewatched this and it reminded me how amazing the world can be.

“Well, that kind of makes me emotional! Such an innocent time!

One observer remarked, “Anyone who’s ever wondered ‘what does love look like’ needn’t look any farther.”
The song selection also seemed to be a wise one, as many people commented on how they related to it.

“So lovely, so precious!” One user wrote, “I danced with my father at my wedding to this. “I’m crying when I watch this; it’s so gorgeous. Another viewer said, “It’s also my mother’s favorite song.

The young boy’s act of resting his head on his grandpa’s chest moved others.

“Love. How lovely it is when that youngster rests his head on his grandfather’s chest. Can’t top that,” a viewer commented. Another user commented, “Omg so touching brought tears to my eyes wonderful precious moment joseph is simply gorgeous the small head down made me cry xx.”

Gonoude noted in the comments that although though the singer is not Joseph’s biological grandfather, the two nonetheless have a special affinity.

Joseph’s bonus grandpa is the man who is singing to him. Grandma of Joseph’s is his wife. Joseph’s grandfather is the man wearing the green shirt, she jotted down.

Whether or not Joseph has a bonus grandfather, we all should consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have this kind of endearing relationship in our lives. We also wish Joseph a happy birthday!

Watch the lovely touching video here:

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Grandpa tears heartstrings by singing to his down syndrome grandson at a birthday party…
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