The elderly woman lost her husband and home on same day, and only miracle could help her…

This is what the word “community” means.

Gean LeVar, an elderly widow from Glendale, Arizona, lost both her husband and their home on the same day in January 2021, leaving her with nothing.

Glendale Arizona Police were called when Gean’s 58-year-old husband passed away and needed assistance. The elderly couple had been living in such appalling conditions when the authorities entered the home that they were forced to condemn it.

The widow’s situation was made worse by the fact that she lacked children or any other family members to turn to.

A kind-hearted neighbor.

Carmen Silva and her family live across the street from Gean’s house, and when Carmen learned about Gean’s predicament, she realized she had to do something to assist. Silva didn’t let the fact that she hardly knew her elderly neighbors stop her from offering assistance.

Carmen said, “I reassured her, ‘Don’t worry Gean, we’ll fix it.”

The Silvas don’t really provide much in terms of technology. Carmen and her eight children share a modest three-bedroom home, but thanks to their generosity, they were able to make room for a new addition to the family.

Her sons handed up their bed willingly so that their recently adopted grandmother would have a cozy place to rest. To say they are kind would be an understatement; they must have inherited it from their mother.

Gean received proper family treatment rather than being regarded like a guest.

Carmen Silva observed, “She looks extremely pleased, and I think it’s because she has an entire family now.”

Some may even argue that Carmen went above and above the call of neighborly duty, but not in the slightest for Carmen.

She continued, “I’ve always taught my kids to look after their elders.

The Silva family who adopted Gean “means everything” to her. She was welcomed into the family’s home and given the same respect, love, and care that family members provide to one another.

Since the community learnt about Gean’s tragic tragedy, more assistance has been provided.

The widow was misled when she believed that her only blessing would be a brand-new family. “Operating Enduring Gratitude,” a non-profit that supports Arizona soldiers and their families, intervened to provide assistance with restoring Gean’s home.

Thomas, Gean’s late spouse, was a veteran and a payload specialist in the Navy.

“Resources are in place to assist the majority of veterans, yet some slip between the cracks. This one slipped through the crack,” said Charlie Ellis, an Army veteran and the company’s founder and CEO.

The 1950s-era house was rebuilt over the course of 18 months by approximately 200 devoted volunteers.

One volunteer remarked, “We’re all coming together to do one thing, and that’s to make somebody’s life entire.

“We updated the electrical system. She can enter the showers here. Fantastic,” stated Charlie. “Today’s gathering includes supporters of our veteran community to be a part of the love, their period, their benevolence.

The Silvas, who will remain her new family for the rest of her life, will live in Gean’s freshly refurbished home with her.

Watch the video below to learn more about this moving story:

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The elderly woman lost her husband and home on same day, and only miracle could help her…
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