A wheelchair-bound man rescues a terrified 110-pound Rottweiler from a swimming pool…

Thomas posted a video of the incident that took place at his Cape Town, South Africa, house on his Instagram feed on February 21, 2022. Cassius was initially seen dozing off beside the family pool. He stumbled and fell into the water as he turned to go.

Thomas claimed that when he heard Cassius screaming for help, he was alone in the house and had just finished shaving.

Thomas claimed, “I was the only one home and he fell in the pool.

The next scene in the video shows Thomas at the pool trying in vain to pull the roughly 110-pound dog out.

He was becoming tired from standing there, so he said, “I had to come up with another solution since I couldn’t just pull him out because he is too big and I don’t have enough leverage in my chair and I’ll just go into the water myself.”
Adding that he has “had two Rottweilers, and swimming is one of their well-known talents, though not mine. No matter what we do, he cannot or will not swim.”

Unfazed, Thomas grasped his “Big Bear’s” paw in his hand and went cautiously alongside him to the other side of the water, where he could use a stairway to rise.

Thomas was relieved when Cassius finally made it to the other end of the pool after 42 agonizing minutes and hurriedly exited.
“He had been in there for around 25 minutes before I found him, I discovered when I later reviewed the video. He was so worn out as a result. I only want to express my gratitude to God for his size”, he stated.

Thomas is not only a fantastic dog dad, but his life narrative also serves as motivation.

Thomas was attacked by a group of seven men during a home invasion and sustained serious injuries. Following the altercation, bone pieces from his spine were driven into his spinal cord, resulting in his becoming a T3 paraplegic.

“I was fit and strong, weighing about 100 kilos (220 pounds), and… I was struck in the head by a man using a screwdriver. and the second person must have then directly shot me in the chest. It was millimeters away from my heart “By Thomas.

Speaking to groups of individuals and corporations, he stated, “I’ve been telling my story and motivating people that they still have so much to live for regardless of their circumstances and that they can overcome adversity to become better on the other side.

While he said, “I still have bad days where I don’t feel like getting up and confronting the day, I have to get up for my kids and my wife to demonstrate to them that they must never give up and they can succeed in anything they set their minds to.”

“I’ve been given another opportunity at life, and I want to utilize it to change people’s lives,” he said.

Thomas has been amused by the attention Cassius has been getting in the meanwhile. Who would have imagined that a video of me saving my dog, who adamantly refuses to learn how to swim, would become so popular? Plus, the video features me wearing only my underpants and socks.

Thomas is thankful that he is still alive to care for his family, including Cassius, a 5-year-old who cannot swim.

Watch the rescue video here:

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A wheelchair-bound man rescues a terrified 110-pound Rottweiler from a swimming pool…
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