The way 911 operator helps to save he young girl when criminals enter her room is a real heroism…

When the burglars entered the room, Diyona was hiding in her parents’ closet. She was fortunate to be speaking with a knowledgeable 911 operator who had a strategy.

When burglars stormed into Diyona Oladipupo’s family home in Chula Vista, California, years ago, she was there by herself.

At the time, the 15-year-old was at home with her parents, who were scheduled to return from work hours later.
She therefore understood that something was seriously wrong and that she needed to remain calm and act without delay when she first heard the doorbell ring and then the alarm of her family’s home security system.

The clever youngster grabbed the phone and dialed 911 while taking off her shoes so that the intruders wouldn’t hear her enter the house.

Behind a rack of clothing in her parents’ walk-in closet, the child hid. She hoped that the robbers were unable to see her, but she was afraid that they soon would be able to do so because she could see them.

“Because I could see them, I was so terrified. And I believed they would see me. They were merely stealing from my mother, she claimed.

She called 911 as soon as she was hidden in the closet, and she was immediately connected to a dispatcher.

The dispatcher, who tried to assist the youngster to maintain composure and follow instructions in order to be safe until assistance arrived at the house, can be heard talking to the girl in the phone call that was made public.

The operator answered the 911 call and added, “My officers want you to know that your whole house is surrounded, you’re in safe hands, but just stay where you are.”

The woman on the other end of the line begged her to stop talking when she discovered that the intruders had entered the room where the girl was hiding.

So that her voice wouldn’t be heard, she asked her to answer her questions by tapping on the phone.

She was obviously terrified, but incredibly composed, said Officer Gary Wedge.

After taking all they could from the residence a few minutes later, the burglars were about to depart when they were stopped by the police officers who had surrounded the house.

Three teens were found to be the burglars, and the police quickly apprehended and detained them.
Diyona’s emergency call was handled by an officer who said that dispatchers are trained to remain composed and speak to 911 callers in a way that makes them feel less alone.

The adolescent acknowledged that the dispatcher’s guidance kept her safe, even admitting that she might have “freaked out” if she had been speaking to someone else on the phone.

What a terrifying situation for the adolescent, and what a fantastic job the girl, the dispatcher, and the police performed to ensure this story’s joyful conclusion.

Watch their conversation below:

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The way 911 operator helps to save he young girl when criminals enter her room is a real heroism…
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