The line dance from “Footloose” steals the show and goes viral worldwide…

One of the most well-liked types of choreographed dance is line dancing, which is popular everywhere. In May 2019, at the OKIES festival in Sauzé-Vaussais, France, one man wowed the crowd with his unique line dance choreography, “Holy Moly.” David Villellas was that man, and he danced to the popular song “Footloose” from the movie of the same name while performing with his group at the festival.

Villellas is twirling to a copy of the song that Blake Shelton created. Kenny Loggins was the singer of the original version. The song lasted three weeks at the top of the American Billboard Hot 100 chart after its January 1984 release. For the remake of the 1984 movie, Blake Shelton’s rendition of the song was released in 2011.

The Shelton rendition was a smart choice for Villellas’ line dance choreography because it is similar to the original. The performance’s video was posted on May 22, 2019, and it brilliantly displays Villellas’s extraordinary dance abilities. He dances with such fluidity that it appears as though he is in water, and the other dancers’ synchronicity enhances his performance.

Every bend and twist in the entrancing dance flows seamlessly into the next. Everyone is beaming broadly, giving the impression that they are all having as much fun as the audience. Every dancer is decked out in jeans, a flannel shirt, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. They all blend in so perfectly that they could have all been extras in the movie.

The YouTube video has received more than 1,550,000 views. In a comment under the video, one viewer identified one of the girls dancing next to Villellas. “I admire the girl dressed in the grey and silver. Go, girl! You guys are really, really good. sure made me feel better. God’s blessings to everyone, they penned. The woman standing to Villellas’ right seemed ecstatic to be there and perfectly captured the song’s essence.

Another commenter expressed their desire to learn the dance since they enjoyed it so much. Someone responded, “(I) Learned it! I’m at . 75 speed is perfect. That final amount of speed is what it is. However, I’m pleased of myself for having picked this up in my spare time. Someone may learn the dance by simply viewing the slowed-down video since it is so remarkable. Villellas must be delighted that people are learning his dance from all around the world.

A choreographed dance routine called “line dancing” involves a group of people performing a series of steps repeatedly. There are various different hypotheses as to how and when line dancing first appeared, according to Bella Ballroom. Line dancing has a long history and is practiced in many cultures throughout the world. English Country Dancing directions for the first line dance were included in a book of dance sheets around 1650.

According to this, English settlers first introduced country line dance to the United States after it was invented in Europe. The “Cha Cha Slide” and the “Macarena” are two well-known line dances that aren’t typically performed to country music today. These days, you might even witness people dancing for exercise in nightclubs and at weddings.

Contrarily, “Footlose” has a more recent past.

The soundtrack of the movie received high praise from the media, and in 1985, Loggins’ “Footloose” received nominations for both the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards. Other well-known songs from the movie include “Hurt So Good” by John Mellencamp, “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner, and “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)” by Quiet Riot. But if any track shines out, it would be Loggins’ “Footloose.”

In a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Loggins said, “We didn’t expect ‘Footloose’ to be the movie of the summer back then. “If it received any notice at all, we’d be lucky. But I do recall being seated in the theater as the lights go out and hearing the opening notes of my song. Additionally, the entire movie’s opening was “Footloose.” And I was quite surprised. Nobody had previously informed me of its likelihood.

In its March 2018 briefing, the Library of Congress stated that the film’s theme song, sung by Kenny Loggins, “remains today powerfully evocative of the 1980s—fun, energizing and, in its own way, a touch rebellious.” “Co-written by Loggins and the movie’s screenplay, Dean Pitchford, the song would go on to become the biggest hit of both the multi-platinum soundtrack’s and Loggins’ long career (going back to his work with Jim Messina from the early 1970s). The song has been used as the musical focus for both the 1998 Broadway production and the 2011 big-screen version since its release and first 16 weeks on the Billboard charts.

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The line dance from “Footloose” steals the show and goes viral worldwide…
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