This is how Dr. Phil’s first marriage ended…

Dr. Phil and his daytime chat program have always appealed to me. The most of the time, he discusses significant and engaging subjects; you feel like you are learning something new every time, even though some guests and situations can make us, the viewers, upset.

For me, Dr. Phil has always been that grounded, wise man who combines knowledge with a smart, no-holds-barred approach to treatment. However, I have to admit that I didn’t know much about his prior life—that is, the life he led before he became a TV star—until today.

Consider his prior, unsuccessful marriage, which I was unaware of.

His ex-wife Debbie Higgins McCall has freely discussed their troubled marriage over the years, describing her ex-husband as “domineering.”

For his part, Dr. Phil has always maintained a low profile and hasn’t made many revelations about what actually transpired between the two of them. However, if we delve a little deeper into their interactions, we can discover a little bit more about Dr. Phil and the experiences that helped to mold him into the person he is today.

Phil McGraw has established himself as one of the highest-paid daytime talk show hosts in history thanks to the success of his hit TV show “Dr. Phil” and his best-selling books.

The 70-year-estimated old’s current net worth is $400 million, and as a result, he may retire whenever he chooses, according to some estimates.

The success of Dr. Phil, however, has also been tainted by scandals, claims of sexual assault, and legal disputes. Additionally, he is alleged to have taken advantage of others with mental illnesses.

Robin McGraw, Phil McGraw’s lovely wife, and he are currently blessedly wed. Phil and Robin have been inseparable for forty years and have expertly maintained their love.

But before Robin entered the picture, Phil’s life also included his ex-wife Debbie Higgins. When they were both 20 years old and from Kansas City, Phil and Debbie were each other’s high school sweethearts.

Although Phil was born and raised in North Texas, he was compelled to relocate to Kansas when his father accepted an internship and saw an opportunity to fulfill a long-held ambition of becoming a psychologist.

Debbie claimed that Phil didn’t want to leave Texas.

According to Debbie, her father “had him come up here because he wanted to keep an eye on him.”

But Phil actually benefited from the decision quite a bit. While playing linebacker for his high school football team, he met the woman who would become his wife.

As the attractive, blonde cheerleader and homecoming queen with “the million-dollar grin,” Debbie was quite well-liked in high school.

She somehow managed to blend in seamlessly with the large, muscular linebacker who stood out for his distinctive cowboy drawl. Many people believed the pair was meant to be together when they first started dating in their junior year.

However, difficulties were apparent at first. Debbie’s brother kept a close eye on her and she wasn’t actually permitted to date until she reached 16.

She arrived home five minutes late after her first date with Phil, which infuriated her parents. Despite Debbie’s one-month suspension from school, Phil and Debbie continued their daily phone conversations.

Debbie discussed Phil as a boyfriend in an interview with The Kansas City Star. She described him as “tender” and “gentle.”

Debbie’s childhood church, Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church, served as the venue for Phil and Debbie’s wedding in 1970.

But after their marriage, at least in Debbie’s opinion, things started to alter. She leveled some derogatory claims about Phil, alleging that he was abusive to her.

She was in charge of the household, therefore Phil wanted her to stay at home and take care of that. Debbie claims that Phil also instructed her to begin weightlifting in order to develop her chest. Additionally, she charged him with being disloyal to her.

Debbie stated in 2002, “When I questioned him about his infidelity, he didn’t deny these girls and urged me to grow up, that’s the way it was in the world. It had nothing to do with his sentiments toward me.

Phil “had a roving eye,” according to Debbie, who claimed she felt confined in her marriage. Three years after their wedding, in 1973, she broke off her engagement.

In regards to his first marriage, Phil McGraw has been quite silent. He only only actually discussed it once, in a Newsweek interview.

According to Phil, there was pressure to get married at the time.

She was the cheerleader, and I was the huge football player. Simply put, doing this was the next step. Simply put, it wasn’t meant to be, he said.

He has never responded to Debbie’s accusation of infidelity or refuted it. Since that Newsweek interview 18 years ago, the TV personality has seldom addressed her at all. He has, however, spoken generally on the reasons why marriages fail.

That, in my opinion, is the main reason marriages fail. The biggest issue is when people don’t get themselves ready for the challenging task that must be done. In 2007, Phil observed, “You’ve set yourself up for failure if you entered a marriage without being clear about how you’re going to handle money, how you want to raise children, who is going to work or stay at home, or whatever.

Phil is currently concentrating on his current marriage to Robin. According to Ninja Journalist, Phil and Robin started dating after the annulment procedure in 1973.

“Phil might still have been married at that time, even though they were most likely no longer together. The author Sophia Dembling said in her book “The Making of Dr.Phil” that Robin was “young, young, young, while Phil had already been married and separated, founded a health club business, fleeced a number of people out of money, and filed for bankruptcy.”

In 1976, Phil and Robin got married and had two kids: Jay and Jordan McGraw.

Celebrity splits always make headlines, and Dr. Phil and Debbie’s split is no exception. Although Debbie referred to herself as “Dr. Phil’s secret wife” and their marriage is largely forgotten, there has been much conjecture about the terms of their divorce settlement.

Although it’s difficult to confirm, rumors indicate that the split cost about $1 million. Debbie had little money and no children, and she didn’t push Dr. Phil for alimony, the Affair Post reports.

According to the website, her net worth was reportedly less than $1 million.

Debbie revealed to the reporter in that well-known interview she gave in 2002 that she oversaw a liquor store in a Kansas City suburb.

She would later receive recognition for her editing work, particularly the 2011 documentary “Christy Mathewson’s Day.”

Debbie tragically passed away in 2014 after a protracted fight with illness. Bill Higgins, her brother, verified the tragic news and said he tried to inform Dr. Phil of his sister’s passing but that the psychologist didn’t return his call.

Marci McCall, Debbie’s daughter, and Bill Higgins, Debbie’s brother, both survived her. Marci was born a few years after her mother left Dr. Phil, according to Radar Online. The daughter shared several photos of her cherished mother on Facebook after her death in 2014 as well.

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