Actors who didn’t actually want to kiss their co-stars and share why…

Being in the same room as famous personalities like Brad Pitt or Kate Hudson may seem exciting to most people. How about a kiss from you? A complete dream realized, yes? In contrast, not everything in Hollywood is as it seems, and actors themselves don’t always get along with their co-stars.

You see, kissing is actually quite intimate. Even though you have to kiss other people for a career as an actor, things can still get awkward. Yes, even if an actor plays a dreamy, hot A-lister opposite them in a movie, it doesn’t mean they’re longing to kiss each other. And it turns out that not every actor enjoyed filming certain kissing or love scenes that had to be done. Actually, quite a few actors—some of them may surprise you—didn’t want to kiss their co-stars.

James McVoy wasn’t into kissing co-star Angelina Jolie

Even while Angelina Jolie is well known for her flawless acting abilities and stunning bone structure, she isn’t a very terrific kisser. In fact, James McAvoy and Jolie co-starred in the movie Wanted, and when the two shared a kiss, McAvoy admitted he wasn’t really into it.

“His lip lock with co-star Angelina Jolie was anything but romantic; it was unpleasant, sweaty, and not very polite. You’re supposed to kiss last, but you wind up doing it first thing in the morning, right after breakfast and when your mouth is all funny.” Despite the lack of romance, McAvoy admitted that he occasionally worries about turning too red during kissing moments, which no doubt contributed to his reluctance to kiss Jolie on camera. According to him, if it was stipulated in this interview that we had to kiss, “I would hope we would be professional about it and that we wouldn’t get off on it,” he told.

Co-stars Helena Bonham Carter and Woody Allen weren’t feeling their kiss

Despite his troubles, Woody Allen is regarded as a creative genius in the film industry, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that he is also a romantic genius. In fact, Helena Bonham Carter, one of his most well-known co-stars, has admitted that working with Allen can be challenging. Despite working on numerous projects with Allen, Carter doesn’t remember their kisses well. In fact, she admitted that she didn’t particularly enjoy their kissing moments when they were filming the 1995 film Aphrodite.

According to Carter, who was quoted by Elle, “He tells you outright specific ways of kissing he does not desire.” It can be a little offensive because he makes no effort at all. It’s like kissing the Berlin Wall, she continued. “No exchange of liquid is authorized. That’s a little odd, especially if you’re trying to show chemistry between two characters. However, how can you exchange lips without even a tiny bit of saliva? Although that is incredibly perplexing, Allen obviously exists in his own spit-free universe.

Reese Witherspoon wasn’t pleased about kissing co-star Robert Pattinson

With a star-studded cast that included Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, the 2011 drama romance film Water For Elephants was undoubtedly a hit. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the pair had excellent performances and the picture earned generally positive reviews, one of the most frequent criticisms leveled against it was that the two lacked chemistry. In fact, Witherspoon and Patterson were both aware of that, as it turned out.

In fact, Witherspoon admitted in an interview that she was genuinely dreaded kissing Pattinson because he was contagious at the time. She said, “He did have a very runny nose, yeah. It wasn’t interesting or pleasant. But Pattinson also admitted that, due to how disgusting he felt, he wasn’t even looking forward to the kiss. I was practically wiping my snot on Reese’s wig in one of the additional photography setups because my nose was flowing all over the place, he claimed. Nothing really ignites a spark like a runny nose and boogers in your hair.

Liam Hemsworth had a good reason for despising kissing co-star Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games was the only young adult dystopian series to fully grab the world. People became extremely enthusiastic about whether they were on #TeamGale or #TeamPeeta because of the romance, action, ruthless dictators, and one particular love triangle. But regardless of your opinion, there were undeniable flames as Liam Hemsworth’s Gale and Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss locked lips.

But Hemsworth claimed that Lawrence was really unpleasant whenever they had to kiss. He admitted during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that “anytime I had to kiss Jennifer was really awkward.” Hemsworth said of Lawrence, “She’s one of my best friends, I love her, but if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was awful. She would even taunt me with her food choices.” “She would say things like, “Yeah, I had tuna” or “I had garlic and I didn’t brush my teeth” just before the moment. Fantastic, I can’t wait to enter there and taste it, I’d think.” Hemworth chuckled. Even if it’s humorous, it must have made kissing quite repulsive.

Apparently co-stars Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise had no chemistry for their kiss

Tom Cruise is still one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs despite his ties to Scientology and his shady dating history. And none of his action-packed flicks had any effect on his seductiveness. For instance, Cruise and Thandie Newton’s on-screen romance in Mission: Impossible 2 featured some heated exchanges. Newton, though, believed that it was all for show. She has also admitted that she disliked having to kiss Cruise.

Newton’s description of her kiss with Cruise in the novel Holy Matrimony! : Better Halves and Bitter Halves by Boze Hadleigh is, “Slightly unpleasant and a little bit moist.” What? Gross. That doesn’t sound like your first kiss; it sounds more like the spin-the-bottle game you played with your middle school best friend during your first kiss. She also added that it was one of the toughest aspects of shooting. According to Just Jared, “I’d really walk home at the end of the day truly moaning about…how many times we had to do it.” Cruise may be an action hero, but it does not make him a terrific kisser. if Newton is to be trusted, at least.

Hugh Jackman felt the pressure kissing co-star Nicole Kidman

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman acted in the very romantic movie Australia before he played Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. The sequences between the two, who were playing lovers, were quite sexy. It’s true that both actors were already married at the time the 2008 picture was being shot, but that doesn’t make the kissing sequences any less difficult.

In fact, Jackman admitted that it was really uncomfortable and that he wasn’t looking forward to kissing his co-star. Jackman remarked of kissing Kidman, “It’s never particularly comfortable making out with someone in front of 70 people.” “I honestly don’t get turned on by that.”

In addition, Jackman said to Express that his own wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, who had shared a home with Kidman and is still close with her, wasn’t even at ease viewing them. Deb obviously wasn’t on location when we had our kissing scenes, he continued. “That would have been uncomfortable, but we discussed it. Let’s talk about it, I said, and we just sort of, we both enjoyed the project and made a safe environment.” Despite how cozy the situation may have been, it is obvious that Jackman did not particularly enjoy kissing Kidman.

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t have the nicest things to say about kissing co-star Bradley Cooper

The 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, was undoubtedly intense. The film, which was based on the same-named novel, followed Cooper’s character Pat as he battled mental illness and met Tiffany, played by Lawrence, who was going through a similar struggle. The two then entered a dance competition together. The on-screen chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence was undeniable, and the film is both charming, engaging, and devastating.

But whether there was a spark or not, Lawrence wasn’t all that excited to kiss her co-star on set, and the explanation is sort of disgusting. Cooper said that Lawrence actually informed him how much she disliked kissing him during an interview on The Graham Norton Show. “She Lawrence said, “You’re a wet kisser,” following the second take. I won’t say it to you. Not being complimentary, “said Cooper. That’s definitely not what you want to hear after you’ve kissed someone, Cooper is right. Hey, at least their kissing made for a terrific movie!

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Actors who didn’t actually want to kiss their co-stars and share why…
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