Willie Nelson’s son Lukas amazingly performs his father’s 1980 song “Always On My Mind”, though gets criticism as well…

When the hit song “Always On My Mind” was performed by someone other than Willie Nelson, a lot of folks were astonished. They could see and hear that this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, though, after they learned that the song was being performed by his son, Lukas Nelson.

Fortunately, someone captured Lukas’ live performance from a 2013 cruise ship.

Like his father has been for many years, Lukas Nelson is heavily involved in the music world. He is a member of the Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real band. They frequently perform across the nation and enjoy connecting with their followers through music. More than 465,000 people appreciate their music and follow them on their official Facebook page, so they are probably interested in hearing the newest song.

You’ll understand why people eagerly await the band’s next update once you hear his voice. But this specific performance was absolutely magnificent. When he recorded his original rendition of “Always On My Mind,” Lukas was without backup, but as you’ll soon hear, he didn’t need it. His performance of the song is fantastic.

Anyone who heard his wonderful voice would become a fan.
You probably had no idea that the first rendition of this popular song was published more than 35 years ago. But many continue to like it. They are even more delighted to hear Willie Nelson’s son perform a brand-new, original version of the song. The youngster himself would be the ideal performer for this ageless classic.

The performance certainly appeared to be popular with YouTube viewers.

Billy Brackeen said, “I think most people are so enthralled, they forget to hit the thumbs up button.

“Gave me chills. If I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have assumed that was definitely Willie! He undoubtedly has a voice that God has blessed! One of my favorite Willie Nelson songs, too, wow! Adding James Fish.

A Few Stars Apart, which was released on Fantasy Records, will be available in April 2021, which will please fans of Lukas Nelson. It’s also one of Lukas Nelson’s best albums to date, if the reviewers are to be believed.

Lee Zimmerman comments in his review for American Songwriter, “In the end, Lukas Nelson confirms that he is his father’s son—in fact, a song like “Hand Me a Light” could have easily come from his dad’s collection. However, he has also stated such comparisons are no longer required. He is getting closer to the one-of-a-kind distinction he so richly merits thanks to A Few Stars Apart.

The group requested the assistance of David Cobb, another legendary musician, for the new album. The six-time Grammy winner is a well-known and renowned producer of both country music and rock. Cobb contributed to the “A Star Is Born” soundtrack and has collaborated with John Prine, Sturgill Simpson, and the Rival Sons.

Additionally, Willie Nelson’s 71st studio album, “That’s Life,” is now available for fans who can’t get enough of Lukas’ father. The record, which will be released in February 2021, is an homage to the late, great Frank Sinatra.

Willie Nelson received appreciation from critics for his contribution to “That’s Life.”

“Willie sounds more youthful than he has in a long time here. According to Thomas Erlewine’s review of the album on AllMusic, “He seems to be singing with a smile, as lifted by his band as he is by these standards, a trait that lends That’s Life a delightful kick.

The album is one of several Frank Sinatra homage records. He published “My Way” in 2018, and it was the recipient of the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Like “That’s Life,” that CD includes several Sinatra songs, including “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Summer Wind,” “Blue Moon,” and others.

Willie Nelson discussed his more recent Sinatra tribute CD in an interview with Slate in December 2020.

“Frank’s use of language was one of the qualities I admired most about him. He never did it the same way twice. I adore that, he told the journal. “My biggest regret is that I couldn’t hang out with him that night when we played a gig together; I believe it was in Vegas or somewhere else. I needed to get on the bus and get somewhere. But the fact that I didn’t get to hang out with Frank was one of my biggest regrets. because I cherish him. He has always been my favorite musician.

There is no doubt that, like Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson will be regarded as an influential player in the development of American music. Only time will tell whether Lukas Nelson also becomes an icon if he keeps performing as well as he already has.

Watch the amazing video here:

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Willie Nelson’s son Lukas amazingly performs his father’s 1980 song “Always On My Mind”, though gets criticism as well…
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