This little girl couldn’t hold back her emotions hearing the adoption news…

For many children, the years they spend growing up in the foster care system can be a confusing time. Those of us who have always lived with our biological families or who were adopted as infants frequently don’t fully appreciate how fortunate we are to have that sense of security and belonging.

Finding a forever family felt like an unreachable ideal for a little child called Shailee. But it was a dream that was finally going to come true, thanks to one caring family.

With her foster parents and foster brother, Shailee had grown quite close. It appeared to fit her well. She learned that her foster parents intended to adopt her, and she excitedly anticipated the day when she would formally join this devoted forever family.

Her foster parents eagerly anticipated the day when they would be able to adopt this adorable child with a dazzling smile. They wanted her adoption to be a great surprise, so they hid the real date.

They wanted Shailee to remember it as a memorable occasion.

The parents brought up their children from school as usual on the big day.
When Shailee’s foster parents turned to her after turning on the camera to capture this momentous occasion, they exclaimed with excitement that it was the day they had all been waiting for: adoption day!\

He informed her that they will visit the courthouse on that particular day to complete the adoption procedure. Shailee immediately developed an expression of utter astonishment and happiness.

She questioned incredulously with wide eyes, “Really? You are lying.”

Then her mother said, “Today’s your day.”

Shailee was then overtaken with emotion and broke down in tears of appreciation and delight. She would finally be able to live with her own mother, father, and brother in a permanent home! You may see for yourself how wonderful the situation was by watching this lovely video. You must admit that young girl is quite enthusiastic.

Watch the incredibly touching video here:

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This little girl couldn’t hold back her emotions hearing the adoption news…
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