Do you recognize her? Before dying she confessed what we were all suspecting…

If anyone reading this doesn’t know who Sylvester Stallone is, I’d be quite astonished.

Sly Stallone is one of the most well-known Hollywood actors still in the business; for decades, he has been an action movie legend.

But do you know Jackie Stallone, Sylvester’s mother?

In truth, Sly’s mother had a very interesting life story of her own, and a lot of information about her eventful existence was revealed following her terrible passing in 2020.

Jackie Stallone was a multifaceted personality with a strong reputation as the mother of show business. We’ll state right now that the majority of people will likely recall her for having undergone numerous plastic surgery treatments.

But near the end of her life, Jackie revealed details about her operations, surprising everyone with her openness.

In November 1921, Jacqueline Frances Labofish gave birth to Jackie Stallone in Washington, D.C. Her mother was of French ancestry and a Parisian socialite from Brittany; her father, John, was a well-known lawyer in the city.

When Jackie’s father served in the First World War, her parents got married. While John was stationed in France and a member of the American Navy, they fell in love.

Jackie was always quite active as a child, and when she was younger, Charles Atlas, a bodybuilder, had been an inspiration to her. For some reason, the renowned muscleman moved in with Jackie’s family and assisted with their weightlifting and gymnastics training. Jackie was in awe.

She ran away from her parents’ house at the age of 15 to perform with the Flying Wallendas for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

She’d made up her mind to train as an acrobat. However, her father didn’t approve of the professional choice his adolescent daughter made.

“My father, a successful attorney, encouraged me to go law school. But I wanted to be on stage,” Jackie said in 2005, according to The Times of London.

Jackie was a trapeze artist in her youth. Before returning home to Washington, she attempted a career as a chorus singer on Broadway.

She launched an exercise program on a local TV station once she got back to the capital. Although it may not seem like much to the world now, Jackie broke down barriers and was a pioneer in her field.

In Washington, DC, Jackie was the first woman to have a television show about working out and weightlifting in the 1950s.

She worked hard to challenge the status quo since she was passionate about training and a longtime supporter of women’s fitness. Women lifting weights was still a novel idea in the 1940s and 1950s; many men believed that vacuuming the house was sufficient exercise.

When a nearby gym turned down Jackie’s request to join a weight training program in the late 1950s, she became irate and took quick action to vent her resentment. She then opened Barbella’s, a gym for women only, right next door as a result.

The city wanted every week to shut me down because I had this large wooden statue of a woman stating “Barbella’s” – a woman with a bust of around 56 inches – pulling weights, you know? That was my persuasion… because in Washington, D.C., in the 1950s, “everyone was flatchested for some reason or another,” Jackie told Sun Herald in 1988.

Jackie Stallone would accomplish much more in her life and long career, but it’s uncertain how well-known she would be now if Sylvester Stallone hadn’t become a legendary figure.

When Jackie first met hairstylist and sometimes actor Frank Stallone Sr. in 1945, everything got started. She gave birth to Sylvester Stallone in the Manhattan neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen a year later.

Jackie spoke openly about Sly’s difficult birth in an interview with Female First.

“To expedite the delivery, they seized the baby with ice-pick forceps and jerked him out, paralyzing his entire head, face, and part of his torso. His body was so horribly malformed it was pitiful,” stated Jackie.

Sly’s face is now largely paralyzed as a result of the injury. It also had an impact on Stallone’s lip, tongue, and chin, giving him his distinctive muttering speech.

“The doctors advised me to institutionalize him because he was so disabled. But I made a decision that he would walk and talk,” Jackie said.

Before divorcing in 1957, Jackie and Frankie Stallone would have another son. The Stallone family matriarch led a very peaceful life following their divorce, but her two sons kept her busy.

“My children and I have always been up against the world. I was the family’s savior for my entire life. She admitted to the Sun Herald in 1988, “I was the mouthy one, and I had the kind of kids who were usually in trouble.

As is well known, Sylvester Stallone would go on to become one of Hollywood’s most prominent and prosperous actors. Rambo and Rocky helped “Sly” become a household name, although few people were aware of his mother.

All of that, however, would alter in 1989. After participating in the wrestling show GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Jackie first gained notoriety. Later, in the 1990s, she started a career as an astrologer and rose to fame in the entertainment sector.

After writing the well-known astrology book Star Power: An Astrological Guide to Supersuccess, she established a psychic hotline where she provided advise in exchange for money.

Jackie seemed to be everywhere for a spell. She produced lines of face masks and other beauty goods, chastised her ex-husband on TV, and insulted her son’s girlfriends.

However, Jackie Stallone’s obsession with cosmetic surgery is what helped her become most well-known.

She underwent numerous facelifts and lip injections throughout the years, dramatically altering how she looked. Her surreal appearance and her rumored attempts to delay aging were much adored by gossip publications. Many believed that her numerous injections had damaged her face.

Although it has been conjectured that Jackie began having operations in the early 1980s, there is no verified information regarding the precise date of her initial procedure. She did, however, continue to undergo numerous surgeries throughout the years. The 91-year-old socialite claimed to have undergone 50 injections and three chemical peels in an interview.

Even at the age of 91, Jackie continued to experiment with cosmetic surgery, as if she was compelled to “better” her appearance.

In the end, Jackie herself acknowledged that she had gone too far. She acknowledged regretting her plastic surgery near the conclusion of her lengthy life.

I do, but there’s too much of it; I look like I’ve got a mouth full of nuts. It’s Juvederm, too much of it. I think I have a chipmunk-like appearance.

The unique and gorgeous Jackie faced some confrontation throughout the years due of her appearance. She acknowledged that she appeared odd, but she also knew why.

“I realize it’s not typical. London’s newspapers are the worst. They call me “the worst in the world” and claim I resemble a pet bulldog. I do, really. I’ve witnessed too much subpar work.

Jackie Stallone’s openness surprised several people because it’s uncommon for famous people to discuss their cosmetic procedures and operations in public. And much less frequently do they admit it out loud and express regret.

Jackie denied using botox, the almost recognizable anti-wrinkle treatment that has been a go-to for mainstream celebrities for decades, when asked in 2013 about the types of injections she favored.

“No, I don’t need that; Botox wouldn’t help me achieve what I desire. I can be grateful that I don’t have forehead wrinkles because they are genetically inherited, she remarked.

Despite all the operations and treatments, Jackie has always made an effort to look after herself. Until the end of her life, she maintained her fitness and kept busy. Jackie made sure to play the piano twice a week in addition to attending tap dance lessons three times per week and going to the gym twice each week.
Jackie Stallone’s openness surprised several people because it’s uncommon for famous people to discuss their cosmetic procedures and operations in public. And much less frequently do they admit it out loud and express regret.

I avoid wasting my time at pointless Hollywood parties. You must serve as an example for senior citizens. At the age of 50, I actually started serving as a role model for movie stars, who fear getting old and sickly more than anything. But as I get older, I become more well-liked,” she said.

Even at the age of 98, Jackie posted pictures of her workouts on Instagram and encouraged thousands of people with her upbeat outlook.

Two years short of turning 100, Jackie Stallone passed away, her son Frank revealed in September 2020.

It was difficult not to like her because she was such a colourful and unique person, Frank penned in a heartbreaking post.

“Until the day she passed away, her intelligence remained razor-sharp. A truly revolutionary woman, she never wore a mask. For her entire life, my brother Sylvester treated her like a queen. Never again will I be able to contact my mother and have her rage at me for not getting married. But despite everything, we all admired her for her will to live. I’ll always miss you, mama.

Jackie passed away peacefully at her Los Angeles home. The Sun reported that she died of unidentified reasons. The precise circumstances surrounding her death are still unknown, according to a well-known tabloid.

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Do you recognize her? Before dying she confessed what we were all suspecting…
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