We have seen many amazing kid dances, but this one wins everyone’s heart… Watch the toddler dancing to Elvis Presley here…

Most certainly, we have all watched videos online of some incredible kids from throughout the world. Are you prepared to see one more video that will blow you away? One of the most gifted young dancers to appear online is showcased below.

William Stokkebroe, a Danish native, was only 2 years old when this video from March 2012 was shot, but he was already captivating audiences around. His dancing is so impressive that it has gone viral over the internet.

William had the opportunity to display his exquisite footwork at a gala event. His age-appropriate skill level may astound you. Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe, the boy’s parents, taught him how to dance. They are dancers who have been performing for many years at their own studio, Studie43.

William was shown in the video dancing the jive, which is challenging for someone his age to execute! But as William got down on the floor and started working, you’ll notice just how beautifully he executed the motions. Can you picture how incredible he will be once he has more experience and is older?

Fortunately, six years after William’s jive dance became viral, the Studie43 YouTube channel published another video of the wonderkid’s performance.

As he rocked and grooved to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” the young man was evidently a dancing machine, and his skill has only improved with age. William has received so much support from viewers all over the world who have watched his amazing films and left encouraging comments, motivating the young man to keep pursuing his love.

Not only has William matured, but his dancing also appears to have evolved. The 8-year-old pupil chose to breakdance instead of dancing the jive, which originated in the African American culture in the 1930s. He teamed up with Specific Kidz for a raucous and energetic group performance set to DJ Fleg’s single “Victory Ron.”

The other dancers, all of whom seemed to be in high school, towered over William as they began their performance by sprinting in a circle and energizing the audience. One of the five dancers jumped into the center as the group finished its opening circle and began demonstrating his footwork talents by bouncing back and forth to the powerful bass. The audience, who appeared to be composed of fellow students, clapped in unison while sporadically cheering when the first dancer fell to the ground and began spinning on his back. The first dancer eventually withdrew and let one of his group mates to attempt a solo in front of the audience.

William finally had the opportunity to showcase his solo abilities midway through the routine. We could see one of his dance partners give him what appeared to be a pep talk just before he hit the stage. A little while later, he came out in front of his team, fired, and the audience went berserk. The 8-year-old dancer competed with his more experienced countrymen, demonstrating traditional breakdance movements like the worm and displaying outstanding synchronization for a young child.

Williams’ greatest moment, though, occurred later in the routine. William jumped up front for his final solo as the group finished its performance, and judging by the applause, the audience clearly enjoyed his skills. William once more displayed his footwork prowess until he suddenly flipped backward, performing a backflip that transitioned into a handstand. The audience cheered again after the 8-year-old dancer performed the backflip a second time, as if one time wasn’t enough. The viewers of his viral jive routine, many of whom found the breakdancing video after seeing it, expressed similar enthusiasm for 8-year-old William’s improved dance abilities in the comments.

Watch the amazing dance here:

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We have seen many amazing kid dances, but this one wins everyone’s heart… Watch the toddler dancing to Elvis Presley here…
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