Nicole Kidman finally spills the truth about how the difficulties she faced when transforming into Lucille Ball…

Without a question, Lucille Ball paved the way for others. With “I Love Lucy,” she and her husband, Desi Arnaz, established the model for the contemporary sitcom. Many movies and television shows have chronicled their behind-the-scenes story, but one of the most memorable depictions of the couple, particularly Ball, was in a “Will & Grace” revival episode. Debra Messing recreated some of the show’s most recognizable scenes, such as the Vitameatavegamin sketch, in her uncanny performance as the comedienne.

Fans of Messing were curious to see her perform Ball outside of “Will & Grace” after that episode. So many people anticipated Messing to replace Cate Blanchett when she backed out of Aaron Sorkin’s film “Being the Ricardos.” However, Nicole Kidman was cast, much to their disgust. However, as Lucie Arnaz, the daughter of Ball and Arnaz, clarified on Facebook, they weren’t filming a new comedy. “Nobody has to act like Lucy Ricardo or do any of the ridiculous things. It’s the tale of my real mother, Lucille Ball, not Lucy Ricardo, and my father, Desi Arnaz, not Ricky Ricardo.”

Lucie expressed her thoughts on Kidman’s portrayal of her mother on Instagram after the movie’s premiere, claiming that Kidman “became my mother’s spirit” and “crawled into her skull.” But how did Kidman get it off?

Nicole Kidman didn’t have a strong connection to “I Love Lucy” growing up, but she related to Lucille Ball in many ways as she prepared for the movie. Kidman, who is mainly known for her serious roles, first concentrated on showcasing her comic side. She echoed what Ball once said: “You cannot teach someone comedy, either they have it or they don’t,” by saying, “I’ve got to be funny, and funny is hard.” Kidman undoubtedly has it; all she lacked was the self-assurance to display it. She quickly came to the conclusion that “the way she moves and falls, every aspect of her physique, you go, yeah, I can be an absolute doofus playing her”.

However, Kidman was wary of nailing Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue. I need to be prodded and given encouragement there, she added. But she had no trouble hitting the comedy in “Being the Ricardos” because of her amazing ability to replicate Ball’s cadence and mannerisms.

After that episode, fans of Messing were eager to see her play Ball outside of “Will & Grace” (via Newsweek). So when Cate Blanchett dropped out of Aaron Sorkin’s biopic “Being the Ricardos,” many expected Messing to take her place. However, much to their disappointment, Nicole Kidman was cast (via Deadline). But as Ball and Arnaz’s daughter Lucie Arnaz explained on Facebook, they weren’t remaking the sitcom. “No one has to impersonate Lucy Ricardo nor do … any of the silly things. It’s the story of Lucille Ball, my actual mother — not Lucy Ricardo — and her husband, Desi Arnaz, my dad — not Ricky Ricardo.”

Once the film premiered, Lucie shared her feelings about Kidman’s portrayal on Instagram, saying she “became my mother’s soul” and “crawled into her head.” But how did Kidman do it?

Nicole Kidman connected to Lucille Ball on many levels

Despite not having a deep connection to “I Love Lucy” growing up, Nicole Kidman identified with Lucille Ball on many levels while she prepped for the film (via The New York Times). First, Kidman focused on bringing her comedic side out as a primarily dramatic actress. “I’ve got to be funny, and funny is hard,” she said, echoing what Ball once said: “You cannot teach someone comedy, either they have it or they don’t” (via the National Women’s Hall of Fame). Kidman certainly had it; she just needed the confidence to bring it out. She soon realized that “the way she moves and falls, every part of her physicality, you go, oh, I can be an absolute doofus playing her.”

Still, Kidman was apprehensive about perfecting Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue. “I need to be pushed and cheer-leaded in that area,” she said. But, thanks to her uncanny ability to mimic Ball’s cadence and mannerisms, she had no issue nailing the comedy in “Being the Ricardos.”

Kidman took lessons to speak like Lucille Ball

Although Nicole Kidman’s depiction of Lucille Ball seemed effortless to the audience, the actress developed her Lucille Ball accent with the aid of dialect coach Thom Jones. We wanted Kidman to capture Lucille’s soul and convey that, he told. You won’t be able to fully express yourself as an actor if you’re doing an impersonation because you’ll be too conscious of your appearance. At the “Being The Ricardos” premiere, Kidman said that learning to speak like Ball “was terrible!”

In addition to learning the dialect, Kidman used recordings of Ball and “sat in my living room watching I Love Lucy shows,” according to Vanity Fair. It “simply kind of happened physically and emotionally after a lot of practicing.” She additionally collaborated with a movement coach to reenact “I Love Lucy” sequences.

Kidman underwent a fairly subtle makeover in terms of her hair and cosmetics. The actress told the New York Post, “They colored mine since she had brilliant red hair. “My eyebrows were the issue; I had assumed that prostheses would modify my mouth and nose. I was concerned that mine would be lost forever, but they are now beginning to return.”

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Nicole Kidman finally spills the truth about how the difficulties she faced when transforming into Lucille Ball…
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