This young girl writes a secret letter to help her mom who is struggling for this… Watch the touching video below to know more…

Ariel, age 9, engaged at her own initiative without telling her mother.

We are aware that as parents, we are tasked with ensuring the welfare of our children and meeting all of their requirements. We seek for ways to ensure that they have enough to eat, are comfortable, and have promising future.

But there will be times when we deal with difficulties and are stretched to the limit. It can be very difficult to feel the pressure to support the family. It’s not simple to put food on the table and pay your expenses on time each month.

Natalie Koltes, a single mother, was aware of her dire situation.
She had no money to cover their monthly rent when it was almost time. Natalie was in danger of losing their Las Vegas rental house along with her nine-year-old daughter Ariel.

She continued to pack and unpack their belongings while feeling rather agitated. Natalie had no idea that her daughter was quietly watching what she was doing.

Ariel was aware of her mother’s issue and took action on her own out of concern for getting evicted from the home.

The 9-year-old knew there was only one way to solve their issue: by getting the support they required. She made the decision to covertly write a letter to Las Vegas, Nevada’s Fox5 Surprise Squad in the hopes that the program would take note of her requests.

“My mom is working so hard to make ends meet,” she wrote in the letter. My mum shouldn’t be under that much stress, please.

Ariel expressed hope in her letter that others would read about her mother’s suffering and respond to her need for assistance by rescuing them from their predicament.

And indeed, a gift that altered the lives of Ariel’s family was given in response to Ariel’s letter.
Ariel was pleasantly surprised to learn that her letter had received a favorable answer. She was astounded, but her mother’s shock was compounded by the fact that she was unaware that her daughter had sent a letter to the program.

One day, The Surprise Squad appeared, and their incredible gift for Natalie and Ariel caused them to shed joyful tears. They revealed that they would be covering both this month’s and the following month’s rent!

More gifts than what Ariel requested were available.

Even a gift card from The Surprise Squad was given to help them purchase items for the young girl to utilize when she returned to school. In addition, the Surprise Squad made plans to waive Ariel’s membership costs at the Boys and Girls Club because she cherished her time there.

Natalie is immensely appreciative of her daughter’s fervent devotion to their family.

“My daughter is my hero because without her, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Children are perceptive and occasionally aware of what is going on around them.
Although we try to shield our children from the difficulties of life, we can’t always do so. Parents always want to make their children feel safe and protected. We occasionally fail to acknowledge how much they have developed and how much they comprehend what is happening in the household.

Natalie is fortunate to have a daughter who is so aware of their needs and so willing to pitch in.

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This young girl writes a secret letter to help her mom who is struggling for this… Watch the touching video below to know more…
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