A diver goes deep down the sea and makes an unbelievable amazing discovery…

Between the first and fourth centuries AD, it is said to have sunk.

According to archaeologists, the ship’s cargo was used to refurbish a number of beach homes. Together with farmland and elegant residences, they were dispersed around Taranto.

Diver, history professor, and environmental activist Fabio Matacchiera recently conducted research in Italy and uncovered an amazing discovery. The remains of a nearly 2,000-year-old Roman ship were discovered.

Additionally, the ship’s cargo was found.

In the southern region of Puglia, Southeast Italy, Matacchiera uncovered several hundred tiles and other antique artifacts under the sands of the Taranto coast and among the rocks.

An study of the data from the diver revealed that the ship sank between the first and fourth centuries AD.

Mataccheria found his way to this perfect finding using a cartographic GPS.

It included construction-related supplies.
Due to the fact that the coastline of Taranto is dotted with opulent beach palaces as well as rural cottages and farms, archaeologists assert that some coastal buildings were refurbished using the ship’s cargo.

The most wealthy and powerful people frequently possessed coastal villas, which contained servant quarters, porticos, reception rooms decorated with mosaics, and water cisterns that acted as “hot springs.”

Diver discovered more.
During his dive, Matacchiera also came upon an iron hoe with a broken spindle.

This implies that the ship sustained serious damage before sinking, most likely as a result of a strong wave bringing her ashore.

Recall that close to the Egyptian city of Alexandria, archaeologists previously uncovered a sunken ancient Greek ship. It was a warship especially in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to scientists, the ship sank after striking large chunks from the Temple of Amun.

In the second century BC, the temple was destroyed. The area was devastated as a result of a natural disaster. But in England, he discovered the oldest sunken ship ever discovered.

Two Purbeck marble tombstones and a cooking kettle were found in the ship’s hull.

Along with the remains of the destroyed temple, other artifacts including metal and ceramics were also discovered.

According to study, the ship sank after the temple was destroyed by a terrible earthquake.

The temple was destroyed by the earthquake.
This discovery was made possible by automated drilling drones that could be operated from the surface.

The team also used a sub-bottom profiler, which among other things uses sound waves to investigate the ocean floor and create images of it.

There aren’t many preserved examples of ancient warships, claims mission leader Franck Goddio, a well-known French underwater archaeologist who discovered the city of Heracleion in 2000.

They regarded themselves as fortunate.

He said that there aren’t many Greek ship fragments from this time period, citing the Punic ship Marsala, whose wreck was discovered in western Sicily in 1971, as the lone other example.

The ship was estimated to have been around 25 meters long based on preliminary studies of the scene.

The considerable damage the ship sustained when it was sunk, however, means that the wreckage of the ship are far from complete.

Check out the video below to see Matachierra’s discovery:

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A diver goes deep down the sea and makes an unbelievable amazing discovery…
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