This disabled man repaired a young boy’s shoes free of charge… He couldn’t imagine what would happen to him in 16 years…

One man recalled an unforgettable incident that occurred while he was a child walking to school. Unaware that their brief encounter wasn’t the end of their narrative, he was once contacted by a stranger and has always treasured that memory.

Many people ascent the prosperity and celebrity ladder while disregarding those that assisted them along the way. However, no man is an island, and we all require assistance in order to realize our goals.

A Ghanaian media influencer and award-winning marketer built a successful career for himself. Learn how he maintained his humility and dedication to changing the world by reading his tale.

Giving is always preferable to receiving, and things other than money can also enrich people’s lives. We can each give the other gifts of time, effort, and the willingness to help.

Despite his success, Asare never forgot the event that changed his life while he was walking to school down a dirt road.

Edward Asare traveled in hurt shoes from the Ghanaian hamlet of Kokomlemle to De Youngsters School. Asare occasionally had to walk barefoot due to the shoes’ rapid wear and tear on the road.

In the years 2007 and 2008, Asare carried his damaged sneakers in his hands while walking to school. He had no notion that he was about to experience a pivotal moment in his life. He revealed:

“When he spotted me holding one of my sneakers in my hands, this physically challenged shoe repairman called me and fixed it. He offered his services without charge. I did not give him any money.”

Asare was astounded by the event and moved by the stranger’s generosity. Asare discovered that this was untrue, despite the belief that only the wealthy can be kind. An impoverished man went out of his way to assist him.

Asare continued living his life and put in a lot of effort to establish a lucrative profession in the media sector. He received honors and established a reputation for himself as a PR expert, blogger, publicist, and influencer.

Asare never lost sight of the life-altering experience he had while traveling to school despite his achievements. It stuck with him and motivated him to change for the best.

Asare published a message on LinkedIn in 2022 about his encounter with the unidentified stranger. He stated:

“I will never forget his thoughtful gesture. It’s been on my thoughts constantly. After I wrote about him on Twitter, someone who lives nearby his former workplace informed me that he is still employed there.”

Asare made plans to go see the compassionate stranger when he learned that he still resided and worked nearby. The reunion was unique and demonstrated how frequently we are unaware of the consequences of our actions. Asare disclosed:

“I went there to see him and to let him know how grateful I was for his compassion. Given that it had been more than 16 years, he was unable to recall me.”

Asare also discovered that the man had repaired numerous poor children’s shoes. He never requested anything in exchange. The media expert stated: “The globe is the givers’ domain. Thank you very much, Mr. Ernest Adu Ansah.”

Many internet users stated they had also met the kind man after being inspired by the event. They talked about their experiences and inspired others to practice selflessness and kindness.

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This disabled man repaired a young boy’s shoes free of charge… He couldn’t imagine what would happen to him in 16 years…
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