The kids heart stopped twice, but he returned to tell his mother about his just late father…

Julie Kemp, her husband Andy, and their eight-year-old son Landon were returning from church one Sunday morning in 1997 when their automobile was hit by an ambulance at an intersection. Sadly, Andy passed away right away, but Julie was revived and stabilized by the emergency personnel.

However, they were unaware that there was a third passenger in the vehicle who was suffering from serious injuries.

Because of the damage to the driver’s side of the car and the fact that Landon was seated behind his father, Julie told, “They couldn’t see his Landon body.” “Landon was not breathing when he was removed from the rear of the automobile. And they all got to work right away to try to revive him.”

Landon was eventually revived at Carolina Medical Center after his mother and he were taken there, but his heart stopped twice, resulting in his passing twice more that day.

Each time, physicians were able to revive Landon, but Julie was informed by them that there was little chance her baby would survive after sustaining such a severe brain injury.

Julie described feeling defeated and abandoned by God as she prepared for her husband’s funeral, but she did not give up hope or stop praying.

He is connected to a variety of equipment to maintain his life, said Julie. “There are also no indicators. Nothing is either nice or terrible. They witness nothing occurring. I kept asking God to let him open his eyes “

Landon finally opened his eyes after two weeks, and to everyone’s absolute surprise, he had not suffered any brain damage. What Landon told his mother after she asked him if he knew where his father was, however, shocked her more than anything else.

“Do you know where your dad is, Landon, I questioned? “Yes, I know where he is,” he said. I witnessed him in paradise,” said Julie.

Landon continued to tell his mother more about his incredible afterlife encounter.

He reported seeing his deceased father, his friend Olan Palmer, who had also passed away in a vehicle accident a few months prior, and Olan’s son, Neil, according to his mother.

He went into considerable detail about his amazing encounter, saying that “none of us spoke to one other, but we were just standing there.”

What Landon said to his mother next, though, is what will live indelibly in her memory.

“Oh mum, by the way, I forgot to tell you, he said as he turned to face me. I observed your other two children,” remembered Julie.

She was initially perplexed, but as she began to put the puzzle together, she understood that the children Landon was referring to were the infants she had miscarried.

Julie said, “We had never told Landon about that.” He was unaware that we had already lost two children.

Landon claimed that despite never being told anything about the two children, he immediately recognized them as his siblings. “Just being in Heaven, I guess you know,” he continued, “you know who everyone is or you know who your own are.”

Landon claimed that after dying, he encountered Jesus and received a mission in addition to seeing his departed family members.

He said, “It was almost like a trailer for a movie where you only get to see bits and pieces of stuff. “Jesus appeared to me and instructed me to return to earth, live a good Christian life, and tell people about Him.”

Landon maintained his word, and he and Julie, now 28 years old, still share their story and message with people, including those who have experienced loss and are in need of encouragement.

Being able to see my child share about Jesus with others is a big blessing, said Julie. “He is always eager to inform others that heaven exists. He has been there, so I know “

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The kids heart stopped twice, but he returned to tell his mother about his just late father…
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