What Amber looks like now after a hard journey of 420 pound weight loss… Watch the video to find out…

After making an appearance on Season 3 of My 600-lb Life, Amber Rachdi became well-known all around the world. She weighed 660 pounds at the time, and because of this, her life was in jeopardy.

After five years, Amber has already shed hundreds of pounds. She’s also hard to recognize!

Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Cooking healthy food can be time-consuming and even quite expensive if you have a family, a partner, or several interests.

Fast food is undoubtedly a trap, though; while it may be beneficial occasionally, eating too much of it over time can be detrimental to your health. We are often advised to exercise since it is healthy for the mind, body, and spirit.

There are many inspiring people that show us how to live a healthy life by working on our inner peace and eating healthy foods in order to feel fantastic. But as much as I believe that these individuals, who are frequently physically fit, can serve as role models, so can someone like Amber Rachdi.

Amber was 660 pounds five years ago, and her health and ultimately her life were in jeopardy. She put up a lot of effort, both physically and psychologically, to fight her way back. After the show, she kept looking for a typical lie. She also looks extremely stunning right now!

Amber’s battle with weight started when she was still a young girl. She was more than 160 pounds when she was five years old.

Her issues with weight persisted. She struggled with an undiagnosed anxiety illness during her adolescent years that was brought on by an eating issue. She turned to food as a coping mechanism for her anxiousness, consuming numerous large meals and copious amounts of candies every day. When she was 16, a wheelchair was required for mobility.

The early 20s are frequently associated with partying, making new acquaintances, and attending college. At age 23, Amber was far from that. Even the simplest tasks, like taking a bath or walking down the stairs by herself, had become hard due to her weight.

Her parents prepared her meals because, according to her mother Patty, “eating calms her down.”

Amber said, “I have a lot of anxiety and I feel at ease when I eat.

Amber grew up in Troutdale, Oregon, where she shared a home with her parents and Rowdy, her boyfriend. She occasionally accompanied her lover on his grocery shopping trips, despite the fact that she required a mobility scooter to get around.

The inability of the pair to even be intimate with one another began to irritate them both.

I do feel bad, Rowdy admitted. But when you love someone, what else do you do? ”

Amber Rachdi acknowledged that since she started dating Rowdy, she had put on more than 200 pounds.

Even if I was stuffed to the point of sickness, she claimed, if food were placed in front of her, she would still want to eat it.

“I’ve worked so hard and often to alter my eating habits. But I am unable. Already, I am a complete failure. Why not just continue to fail? Being in public annoys me. I sense being a sideshow.

Amber used a lengthy brush to clean herself because she had infections in the folds of her skin. She was a prisoner in her own house due to her weight, unable to stay up for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Amber referred to herself as a “nasty monster,” but all will change when she turned 23.

She was informed that if she didn’t take action, she wouldn’t live past the age of 30 and was now 660 pounds. Amber thought it was time for a change because her life was in danger.

Amber was the star of TLC’s My 600-lb Existence, which allowed viewers to follow every step of her efforts to return to a more normal weight and, consequently, a normal life.

Amber had to take a plane because the show was being taped in Houston, Texas, where she had already met her new doctor.

She reportedly crushed her own wheelchair at the airport due to weight, according to The Daily Mail. As a result, her father Abe had to push her on an oversized luggage cart through the airport.

Amber had to buy two seats on the plane in order to fit, but even so, it was difficult for her to sit in that row because she almost couldn’t.

In Houston, Texas, Amber, a college dropout who had been jobless for a while, visited with surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan, also known as “Dr. Now.” Amber was supposed to get a gastric bypass to shrink her protruding stomach, but she couldn’t just do it now.

According to Nowzaradan, she needed to lose at least 20 pounds before he would “even consider” doing surgery.

He declared, “This is a dangerous scenario.

Amber was without a choice. She had to start dropping weight as soon as possible in order to get the surgery. She became aware of how critical the circumstance was.

To express their support for her and to be nearer to Dr. Nowzaradan, the family soon relocated to Houston with her. Even if her boyfriend Rowdy continued to eat unhealthily on the other side of the table, she started her quest by eating meals that included chicken and veggies.

Amber was tempted, but she resisted. She was aware that there was only one way forward, and it was the right one. She was at a loss for what else to do.
Amber resumed exercising at the same time using slow, gentle movements.
“It’s been hard to start walking again,” she admitted. It hurts and is challenging.

For the surgery, Dr. Nowzaradan required her to shed 20 pounds. Over the course of three months, Amber shed 17 pounds, yet it was still enough for “Dr. Now” to do the gastric bypass.

What about Dr. Nowzaradan? He claimed in an interview with Houstonia Magazine that he didn’t do the surgeries for financial gain, instead concentrating on giving patients a second chance at life.

“When you look at the moral responsibility that we have, you see someone who doesn’t have a life but could have one,” he remarked.

We don’t have to be wealthy. We certainly have to make a livelihood, but we don’t have to worry about doing so from each and every patient.

So, rather than eating people’s lives away, his true aim is to help them live healthy, useful lives.

Dr. Nowzaradan stated, “I never allowed the camera affect my behavior with any patient. “I act in the same manner whether or not there is a camera present.”

Amber’s stomach had successful bypass surgery, shrinking from the size of a football to that of a baseball. But a few days later, she was taken directly to the hospital.

She thought she was having a heart attack because of the chest symptoms, but they were actually anxiousness.
To assist her manage her anxiety, she began seeing a counselor. She had to discover other ways to be content because she couldn’t take solace in food anymore.

Amber Rachdi was adamant on continuing. She was adamant about making things better for herself. She often daydreamed about becoming a mother, starting a family, and having kids.

The first season of My 600-lb Life, which ran for eight seasons, premiered in 2012. It’s crucial to note that the individuals featured on the show are under under medical monitoring, so you shouldn’t attempt this on your own without professional assistance.

Of course, the program is excellent in assisting fat individuals in losing weight. Amber insisted that despite everything, it wasn’t a simple task.

Amber Rachdi called it a “crummy experience” on her Facebook page.

She remarked, “They occasionally lack a human touch and apply a certain type of pressure.” They made some stern requests since they thought we would be difficult, Working with the production didn’t feel pleasant, respectful, or advantageous to both parties. Although they employ some beautiful people and I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, it wasn’t something I would like to do again.

Since Amber Rachdi’s appearance on My-600-lb Life five years ago, she has made an astounding transformation.

She had shed 145 pounds after nine months and had finally been allowed to go shopping. In comparison to her initial size of 6X, she was now a 2X.

Over the course of a year, she lost 267 pounds from her initial 660-pound weight. She was finally able to fit behind the wheel of a car and drive since she got the independence she had long yearned for.

After the show’s finale, Amber’s family relocated back to Oregon, while she and Rowdy remained in Houston. Finally, they could go on the second date that they had been unable to complete.

I astonished myself,” Amber says with a smile. “I’m working out, eating well, and buying for myself. I’m in charge of my life now.

The extra skin was then surgically removed by Dr. Nowzaradan. She imagined completing her education, finding employment, and eventually getting married.
What transpired to Amber Rachdi, then. Five years later, what does she look like? Undoubtedly, some of her fantasies came true. She also appears gorgeous!

Thousands of thousands of individuals have been motivated by Amber’s weight loss. On Instagram, where she currently has over 200,000 followers, she frequently shares glimpses into her daily life with her admirers.

She announced the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Rowdy in 2016 via her Twitter account. She claims he is still a wonderful friend, though.

Amber was unmarried. but only briefly. She made her engagement announcement in June of the same year. “Who is hella getting married? Amber wrote, “I’m getting married like hell.
Amber is still trying to get in shape, but she mentioned something at one time that we want to really emphasis.

It’s not healthy to be fat, as Amber was in 2015. However, being bigger does not diminish your worth as a person or grant others the right to criticise you.

That’s what Amber is attempting to demonstrate as well—that it’s acceptable to not have a slim, supermodel-like physique. She said of her experience, “I was REALLY obese. I’m simply your average fat now. Life is good, really.

Since she was a young child, Amber Rachdi has struggled with weight and unhealthy lifestyle choices. As she approaches 30 years old, she has proven everyone incorrect. She is live proof that if you keep trying and never give up, you can transform your future.

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What Amber looks like now after a hard journey of 420 pound weight loss… Watch the video to find out…
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