She wouldn’t be able to read or tie her shoes, according to the doctors…Now she even collaborates with one of the most famous beauty brands…

When Grace Strobel was born with Down syndrome 26 years ago, the medical community predicted that she would never be able to read or tie her shoes. She is now a motivated young woman, a model who is revolutionizing the beauty industry, and an activist who visits schools and motivates many kids. Her compelling and obvious objective is to get “people to reassess what’s possible.”

The tale of Grace is remarkable. She demonstrated that each of us has the ability to improve the world by turning her desire to help others into a mission.

Linda’s “world was shattered” when she learned that her unborn kid might have Down syndrome, and she claimed that “terrified was an understatement.” She and her husband were informed about how challenging the future would be for their child and the challenges she would probably have to overcome. When Grace was born a little while later, her mother believed she was the most beautiful thing in the world as she gazed into her eyes.

The goal of Grace’s parents was to see that their child realized her full potential. To enable her to have “the fullest and most complete life as she possibly could,” they were adamant about providing her with the best education, diet, physical fitness, and social skills. Their young daughter had begun reading sight words by the time she was 3 years old, and by the time she was 5, she had tested at a second-grade level.

Grace built her path and put in a lot of effort as the years passed. However, as her mother acknowledges, “the terribly low expectations the world set on her” was the most challenging aspect of her academic years. Even the devoted mother was been informed by a speech therapist that Grace “would most likely never have a job or work full time.” She didn’t believe part-time employment was in her future, the mother continued.

Grace’s strong and healthy personality was shaped by all the love she received from everyone from the moment she was born. She was able to shrug off all the cruel comments from her peers and bravely ignored the weird people’s curious looks. Although her childhood wasn’t typical, she showed that if we are loved from a young age, we can handle everything life or other people throw at us. In order to shine brighter, she even used these challenges as stepping stones.

Grace undoubtedly shone, and she was anxious to let others share in her glory. The Grace Effect is the name of the strategy developed by the mother-daughter team. An interactive presentation for schools is part of a “inclusivity effort to promote disability awareness.” Its goal is to make a difference, empower children, and teach other students what it means to tackle challenges head-on and prevail over them.

Grace’s mission and narrative touched many people, and they swiftly spread. She developed into a model and a disability activist. More than 220,000 people worldwide shared her images on Facebook after they went viral. She conducted TV and radio interviews, appeared in a number of important publications including Forbes, walked the catwalk at fashion shows, and more.

Grace also made history by becoming the first American model to endorse a skincare brand. She also collaborates with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand.

We can surely conclude that Grace is still only at the beginning of a very long and inspiring path when we consider how busy and motivated she is. Her tale is heartwarming because she is a genuine example of how our struggles may actually help us discover our inner power. Let no one tell you what you can or cannot accomplish, as Grace advises. Live and push those boundaries.

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She wouldn’t be able to read or tie her shoes, according to the doctors…Now she even collaborates with one of the most famous beauty brands…
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