Finally Jason Momoa confirms what we had suspected about Ben Affleck of…

The question of whether Ben Affleck will ever play Batman again has finally been answered.

After taking part in “Justice League,” the actor famously quit his role as Bruce Wayne. The standalone “The Batman” movie, which eventually starred Robert Pattinson, was originally going to star and be directed by him, but he had to drop out because he struggled to deal with playing his own version of the superhero. During an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” he said, “I tried to direct a version of it and worked with a really brilliant screenwriter but just couldn’t come up with a version. “I gave up trying to solve it and decided it was time for someone else to try. I’m thrilled because they hired some excellent individuals.”

However, it was unexpectedly revealed that Affleck would don his cape once more in “The Flash.” According to director Andy Muschietti, the actor’s role in the movie is essential and that it would be challenging to present Barry Allen’s narrative without him. “He plays a significant role in the movie’s emotional impact. Barry and Affleck’s Wayne’s contact and relationship will provide an emotional dimension we haven’t seen before “he stated. Affleck stated to the Herald Sun that the role in the film “placed a really wonderful finish on my time with that character” and that it will be his final appearance as the Caped Crusader.

Jason Momoa disclosed the truth: Ben Affleck will make one more appearance in the DC Extended Universe. It is for “Aquaman 2” this time.

Momoa announced Affleck’s return to the Warner Bros. Studios on Instagram. Momoa posted pictures of himself having fun with the newlywed actor and wrote: “BRUCE AND ARTHUR WERE REUNITED. Ben, I adore and miss you. WB studio tours merely went on a backlot exploration. All the best things for Aquaman 2 are on the way after being busted on set, j.” Additionally, he shared a video of some visitors “busting” them on-location, laughing as he said, “Well it’s not a f*****g secret anymore, is it?” He added as he walked to a dressing room with a “B.A.” sign outside, “Well, we tried to keep it a secret.” “Whoops!”

It’s not all that shocking that Affleck chose to play Batman once more. He said that he had finally mastered the role of the World’s Greatest Detective in his appearance on “The Flash.” He admitted to the Herald Sun, “I have never mentioned this – this is fresh off the presses — but perhaps my favorite scenes in terms of Batman and the interpretation of Batman that I have done were in the Flash movie” (via IGN). Wow – I guess I have finally figured it out, I thought. It was really enjoyable, really rewarding, and encouraging.

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