The audience didn’t expect this couple to shine on the ice at that age…

Those who relished their youth in the 1960s are likely not as vivacious today. Oleg Alekeyevich Protopopov and Lyudmila Yevgeniyevna Belousova, a famous skating couple, were given the chance to display their youthful abilities at 83 and 79 years old, respectively.

Oleg and Lyudmila met in Moscow in the spring of 1954, and their story of winning a gold medal began there. This would be the beginning of a deep and lasting relationship between two lovers who were equally devoted to competitive skating. Lyudmila Belousova first developed an interest in skating when she was 16 years old, but Oleg Protopopov started skating quite late at the age of 15.

As luck would have it, their relationship and partnership as professional skaters led them to get married three years after they first met. The two-time Olympic gold medalists would next look for more demanding technical obstacles. Protopopov and Belousova competed in their first World Championships in 1958, earning the 13th rank after a succession of changing coaches and strategies. The couple competed in their first Olympics in 1960, placing ninth.

Belousova and Protopopov competed in the World Championship in 1962 with grit and determination, placing second and winning a silver medal. The duo would go on to achieve a string of amazing victories after this. They went on to triumph at the 1965 World Championships and held the top spot for the following three years. The now powerful team won their first Olympic gold medal in 1964, and they later added a second to their collection during the 1968 Games.

Sadly, the Protopopovs defected to Switzerland in 1979 and ultimately settled in America due to a political upheaval. The pair, who had a ton of expertise, decided to join the Ice Capades while continuing to compete professionally well into their 60s.

They have contributed significantly to the development and revolution of skating. Protopopov and Belousova are renowned for combining slow, sensual dancing with skating in one motion. A powerful 83 and 79-year-old Protopopov and Belousova showcased their moves in a video in 2015 that continues to inspire astonishment in many people today. Belousova tragically passed away two years following the riveting performance in 2017.

Watch the stunning performance below:

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The audience didn’t expect this couple to shine on the ice at that age…
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