In the viral video a father gets emotional while dropping his son off a college… Here’s the reason…

In a touching video that has since gone viral, Ken Mohammad is the father who is seen crying. The father was dropping his son off at college, and it was an emotional moment for him. His genuine emotions also show how much he cares for his family.

Parenting is all about giving up things. You also miss out on sleep when kids are infants. the resources, time, and effort you sacrifice to support their development. The hardest sacrifice of all may then be made when you allow them to “leave the nest”.

That is the time when a devoted father sobbed uncontrollably. And parents everywhere may relate to his heartwarming response!

When Nasir Mohammad, his 18-year-old son, was dropped off at college, it was a difficult time for Ken Mohammad. To begin with, Nasir’s senior year of high school had been severely affected by the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

Ken said, “Seniors really got robbed this year. “Oh, I see you didn’t go to prom. I couldn’t cry during your graduation because it wasn’t there.

But what eventually made the father cry was what most parents experience when they let his kids “go free” in the world.

Ken says, “I just kind of broke down and lost it.” “I actually haven’t been away from my son before.”

Nasir’s mother captured the moving scene on camera. And even though Nasir may feel a little embarrassed right now because of his father’s tears, he will undoubtedly treasure that experience in the future as he remembers his father’s gesture of love for him.

“Son, I’ll miss you. You’ve lived your entire life with me. In the touching video that has now gone viral, Ken Mohammad tells his kid, “You’re gone now.

Nasir is aware of how significant this day is for his father.

The 18-year-old added, “He really wanted me to go to college. “He desired that I pursue a higher education. I thus knew he would be pleased.

The passionate response from Ken Mohammad shows that pride. And what a gift it is to be so sincerely loved.

And what a lovely reminder that, no matter what our circumstances on earth may be, we all have access to the unfailing love of our heavenly Father!

Watch the emotional video below:

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In the viral video a father gets emotional while dropping his son off a college… Here’s the reason…
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