Luckily the cashier saved a customer from something 1 out of 10 people is usually a victim of…

Amy first didn’t think much of the woman until realizing something lot more terrible was going on.

Have you ever seen anything and immediately had the feeling that something is strange or odd about it?

Everything began off routine for one cashier at a nearby Fred Meyer’s store until she observed something out of the norm that drew her attention.

Around the store, a woman was strolling. But she still hadn’t made a purchase despite the fact that it had been several hours.

The woman was merely speaking on the phone the entire time. Even if it wasn’t immediately apparent, something more darker was happening.

Amy, the cashier, first didn’t give the woman any thought.

Amy assumed the person on the other end of the phone was a child when she received a $45 gift card. Perhaps he had special requests, or perhaps it was difficult to buy a present for him, so she went with a gift card. Before she retrieved a second set of $200 gift cards, it wasn’t triggering any red flags.

Amy realized a scam was being carried out at that point. She walked over to the woman and inquired about the situation.

The local woman was warned by her not to purchase the gift cards.

Amy clarified that she might be a target of fraud. At first, the woman didn’t want to believe her. She also stated that she had been speaking with the individual for several hours.

Amy then requested her phone so she could call the individual instead. She began to question the person, but they were unable to provide a clear response. The cashier hung up the phone after realizing that the con artist had been stopped and kept quiet.

Amy had the option of just closing the deal, but she choose to act morally.

She averted a scam and prevented a woman and her savings from becoming another false case.

The con artist informed the victim that she had taken out more money than was in her account and demanded immediate payment. Even though it was a made-up tale, it was enough to scare the local woman into falling for the con.

It might have gone south if Amy hadn’t read the signs.

We have witnessed how technology has altered the way we offer gifts just in the last ten years. We were so accustomed to buying things and wrapping them back then. This is frequently difficult, especially when you have to carry the gift around in addition to waiting in line.

But our shopping problems marked a turning point for convenience owing to gift cards and online shopping. Unfortunately, many thieves take advantage of this approach.

The gift card fraud may be something you’ve heard of, but not everyone has.

The method of operation entails making a phony phone call to a helpless individual. They frequently assert that the payment must be made immediately or horrible things would happen.

They might pose as bank personnel, representatives of the state, or businesses that hand out “prizes”. They frequently ask for Amazon, Ebay, Google, and iTunes cards.

No company should take gift cards as payment, experts suggest.

One in ten Americans, according to AARP, has been scammed. Gift cards have topped the list of reported fraud payment methods every year since 2018, according to data from the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC advised you to report anyone who requests payment with gift cards right away, even if you decide not to comply.

Hopefully, when more people learn about the scam, we can put a stop to it.

Amy commented that it was wonderful to be able to assist someone. She also warned the other cashiers to watch out for elderly customers who are purchasing a lot of gift cards. They probably require assistance, which store employees are happy to provide.

Amy’s noble gesture wasn’t overlooked. In order to talk with her about what happened and to give her a small “thank you” gift, East Idaho News really went to the store.

Watch the video link below to see Amy describe what happened that day:

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Luckily the cashier saved a customer from something 1 out of 10 people is usually a victim of…
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