The woman rescues a kitten from a dumpster and later learns it’s a very rare one…

This is extremely unlikely—only 1 in 3,000 times.

We only have one post’s worth of information about the newborn kitten that was abandoned and made headlines for its genetic rarity. Vodkaholy, a user, submitted many images of the little creature along with some context information.

However, as a family member revived the story, it quickly became viral.

No one is sure how the newborn cat got up in the trash, but cruel people frequently abandon kittens they don’t want to take care of.

Of course, taking it to a shelter would be the kindest decision.

Fortunately, “Vodkaholy” aunt noticed the kitten’s small meows, and it appears that she was the one who saved the infant, who was only a week old.

Actually, the kitten’s eyes hadn’t even opened yet; this happens 7–10 days after birth.

The kitten was sick and had a major infection, in addition to being abandoned as soon as it was born.

It was only a few days old and already had a fractured leg and gangrenous paw. Sadly, when the kitten was taken to the vet by its savior, they learned that the paw couldn’t be saved.

Vodkaholy remarked, “Poor kitten hadn’t even opened his eyes when he had to give up a paw.
Undoubtedly a shock to discover such a dejected critter in the trash, but the vet had another major surprise in store for the woman.

In fact, the kitten was a male calico, not just one!

The veterinarian noted that male calicos are extremely uncommon. What a unique boy, for sure! read the caption that goes with the pictures.

Calico color genes are located on the X chromosome and since it’s a recessive trait, a cat needs to have 2 X chromosomes to be a calico. Only females are genetically XX. Males are XY.

This indicates that the kitten has a XXY genetic makeup, which only occurs in 1 in 3000 calico cats.

Hundreds of comments were left on the article, many of which asked for more information, such the cat’s name.

She gave him the name Martyr. I believe she believed that would be funny, lol.

However, even accidentally, he won’t be the father of any more calico kittens:

He was born infertile, but the vet said that was common for male calico cats. Aside than that, Vodkaholy added, “He’s a normal joyful cat, healthy as a horse.”

According to the user, Vodkaholy’s aunt opted to keep the cat, and he appears to be developing normally and contently (even if he only has 3 paws).

The kitten had been adjusting nicely to his new home for three months at the time of the latest update.

Although he is a “failed foster,” he is not the first kitten this kind aunt has taken home.

Yes, she is accustomed to rescuing stray animals and returning them to their owners, but this particular animal has captured her heart and she intends to keep it.

Watch the kitty’s video below:

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The woman rescues a kitten from a dumpster and later learns it’s a very rare one…
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