Josh Groban makes the audience cry singing one of the greatest song of all time…

One of the most renowned and celebrated musical partnerships in history is Simon & Garfunkel. Fans have continued to enjoy their 1970s hit “Bridge Over Troubled Water” over the years. It became the band’s biggest single and continues to be a timeless, instantly recognizable song.

Since its debut, the song with a gospel influence has topped various charts. This timeless song has been personalized by more than 50 musicians from a wide range of genres. Even in their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, the Rolling Stone magazine placed this song at number 48.

Josh Groban recently added his distinctive opera and pop fusion to the vast list of musicians who have performed this timeless tune.

Groban has performed with artists like Celine Dion, and David Foster once personally chose him to take Andrea Bocelli’s place. Groban has established himself as one of the most well-known and skilled vocalists of the generation during the last few years. Any song he covers can be given a special twist and sound by him.

In one of his many performances at the venerable Madison Square Garden, Groban chose to give the crowd a taste of this timeless song. The audience cheered and applauded when they realized what tune Groban was going to perform.

Groban can sing any song brilliantly, but his original performance of this motivating song was absolutely exceptional. His powerful vocals give the traditional song a modern twist.

Groban’s vocals and his amazing piano skills were the only accompaniment for the majority of the song. His captivating vocals enthralled the crowd.

As the song continued, additional singers and musicians joined in to create a unique gospel-like atmosphere.

A flawless blending of the instruments, harmonies, and breathtaking vocals from Groban, whose magnificent voice was able to fill the entire filled room.

Watch the video here:

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Josh Groban makes the audience cry singing one of the greatest song of all time…
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