His family secretly registered him for an audition, and the  father had the entire audience in tears…

Dad who is upset Nick Edwards was unaware that he would be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. It turns out that his daughters registered him for the show covertly. And nobody in the room is dry-eyed when he performs “Daddy’s Little Girl”!

Two young girls dressed in matching clothes enter the stage with their grandma at the beginning of the video. They are only 3 and 4 years old. There are videos showing the mother and father seated together in the crowd.

One young girl responds, “To surprise our dad,” when the judges inquire as to why they are there. The grandma goes on to say that because Nick Edwards usually sings for his girls, they are surprising him by having him perform for them.

Nick says, “Unbelievable,” as he sits down. As the crowd applauds, he rises and lowers himself. He rises and gives his daughters kisses. They are forcing him to do it, according to his mother, because Nick claimed he would never do it. The judges advise the distraught father to get a drink of water and then return.

Nick Edwards reappears with his guitar and sings while playing a lovely melody. As his girls smile in the audience, Nick sings about them. When they are watching his performance, the host and judges start to cry.

This father sings so heartfelt and authentically. He does a great job of conveying his heart through the song and is simple to listen to. The judges and crowd stand and applaud. Nick gives his girls the thumbs up.

The judges praised him for his poignant performance and noted how beautiful and wonderful his voice was. The judges all vote in his favor.

Only a small portion of the love that our Heavenly Father has for us can be seen in the love that this father has for his children. We are God’s prized treasure and the center of His attention. Over us, he sings. This film serves as a reminder of the immense love that God has for us.

Watch the incredible performance below:

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His family secretly registered him for an audition, and the  father had the entire audience in tears…
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