Actor Donnie Wahlberg did something for his stepson that even the boy’s biological father didn’t dare…

Donnie Wahlberg, an actor, fell in love with Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan Asher at the same time. Evan, who is autistic, didn’t have a close contact with his biological father at the time. But Donnie made a great effort to stand up for his stepson, and the result is a very motivational tale!

Having a child with autism comes a plethora of difficulties and problems. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are still blessings despite this, though. Autism parents understand how amazing it is to view the world through their child’s perspective.

Evan Asher’s father, it seems, was unable to see past Evan’s autism diagnosis and eventually departed. Evan went for a very long time without a parent. Then, however, actor Donnie Wahlberg appeared!

Donnie fell head over heels for Jenny McCarthy. He admired Jenny’s commitment to her son. Before Donnie realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jenny and Evan, the couple dated for a considerable amount of time. So they devised a strategy to ask Jenny to marry them.

Before Donnie entered the room bearing a ring, Evan presented each of the four cards to Jenny. Evan and Donnie had written the words “Will you marry me” on them. Actor Donnie Wahlberg and Evan have been inseparable ever since.

“She’s not just the best wife I could have ever hoped for, but also the best stepmother and mother. She’s a fantastic partner, and to put it simply, having Jenny create traditions with my kids is probably what I’m most appreciative of “Donnie remarked.

Donnie tries to convey to Evan how much he is loved by his behaviors. Jenny McCarthy remembered a Christmas present Donnie had given Evan.

Donnie gave her one of the best gifts she had ever received one Christmas when he told her that he would pay for Evan’s college expenses, she recalled.

What a lovely illustration of what it means to have a father who loves you. Donnie’s story serves as a reminder that even if our own fathers on earth may reject or forsake us, our heavenly Father will never do either. God is constantly watching out for us and has our best interests in mind.

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Actor Donnie Wahlberg did something for his stepson that even the boy’s biological father didn’t dare…
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