Keith Urban has an unexpected opinion about Nicole Kidman’s character in “9 Perfect Strangers”…

The 15th anniversary of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s union was recently observed. Recently, the cute couple collaborated on the miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers. Urban wrote one of the songs for the series while Kidman served as the series’ lead actor.

Urban spoke on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss his wife and the entire new season. Clarkson acknowledged the rumor that she wasn’t initially attracted to the legendary actress romantically as she opened the interview. Urban promptly dispelled the rumor by stating that he didn’t believe she would be interested in him.

I was convinced that this girl had no interest in me at all, so when someone gave me her phone number, I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone because, well, you know. “The story’s theme was that it was more just, but I was uneasy.”

The pair has now been blissfully married for over 15 years. Clarkson questioned whether Urban’s song in Nine Perfect Strangers was a favor to the actress because they are married or not. The musician acknowledged that Kidman wasn’t the one who inspired him to join the project.

“Nicole suggested that we write some songs that would fit into Nine Perfect Strangers when we wanted to write some tunes. So I wrote a ton of songs with some buddies, and they picked ‘Crimson Blue,'” said Urban.

The country artist said that before starting to write the song, he discussed its purpose with the director. The filmmaker requested a dreamy, “Pink Floyd”-inspired music with an eastern, peaceful, ethereal tone.

“We might as well have been stoned while creating the song “I never saw the sky scarlet blue kaleidoscope my eyes shapes and hues,” Urban joked.

The Voice Australia coach joked that the song gives a Alice in Wonderland vibe to match that of the series.

According to rumors, the actress lived up to her character in Nine Perfect Strangers 24 hours a day while the movie was being shot, but Urban has revealed that this was not the case at home. Kidman portrays Masha in the movie Nine Perfect Strangers, an ethereal healer who oversees the Tranquillum House, a dreamy health and wellness retreat in Northern California.

Many people believe Kidman deserves recognition for her part because of how well she performed in the series. Urban claimed that Kidman’s portrayal is both sensual and creepy, despite the fact that it is primarily creepy. He also affirmed that although his wife takes her acting extremely seriously, she doesn’t perform at home.

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Keith Urban has an unexpected opinion about Nicole Kidman’s character in “9 Perfect Strangers”…
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