A 7-day-old baby stopped breathing leaving the parents helpless… Here’s how a police could save her…

After the birth of his daughter, a father was delighted and overjoyed. However, something unimaginable occurred in her first week on earth. Every parent’s worst nightmare came true.

Unaware that they were about to go through one of life’s scariest experiences, a couple stopped into Shorty’s convenience store in Louisville, Kentucky.

The first week with his newborn daughter, Emma, was enjoyable for the pleased father. In just seven days, they had already developed an unbreakable friendship and he enjoyed every minute of their time together.

The dad’s life, however, abruptly changed in 2022 when he sensed something was wrong with his daughter and went from calm and went frantic and terrified.

The baby stopped breathing, and her father was helpless to save her. He was dejected and aware that the situation was becoming worse by the minute. He was terrified and couldn’t fathom life without his daughter.

They felt the burden and weight of every decision they made, which was a new experience for the policemen who only began donning their police badges in 2021.
Running around the convenience shop, the distraught father begged everyone to come and save little Emma. He tried to communicate and spoke very little English, shouting that his child was “No Bueno,” which is Spanish for “My child is no good.”

Officers from the First Division Nicholas Greene and Noah Cole arrived at the gas station as the anxious father raced in and out of Shorty’s convenience store.

For the officers, it was a normal stop, but they quickly recognized they needed to take immediate action. Greene disclosed:

“We quickly went outside to assess the situation; the mother and child were in the backseat. While I tried to give this baby CPR, my buddy Cole handled all the speaking on the radio.”

The altruistic police officers moved swiftly while still fearing the worst for the dead infant. Officer Greene stopped the resuscitation attempt as emergency services arrived. He was aware of how crucial it was to restart the oxygen supply.

For the cops, who had only begun donning their police badges in 2021, it was a new experience; they felt the weight and pressure of each decision they made.

Greene was anxious yet composed despite never having given CPR to a baby. Added him:

“My heart rate was quite high. But as you may know, we are trained to be knowledgeable and to maintain composure so that we may carry out the jobs that we need to.”

The family experienced a miracle as a result of the officer’s quick thinking, despite the intense experience. When the infant began to cry, Greene realized that things were going well. He revealed: “It was like, “Okay, there’s oxygen getting to the brain, there’s oxygen inside the body,” as the baby began to cry and whine. So, the final expression of relief was that.”

Although the officers were hailed as heroes, they both insisted that it was just part of their duties. They were thrilled to hear that the infant was recovering well following the incident and honored to have helped save her life. Deputy Cole stated:

“I believe that everyone who we talk with at the police department says, “Hey, I want to help someone.” One of the many things we do every day is this. We try to assist someone.”

They continued by saying that working as a police officer presented fresh problems each day. But they still wanted to be there anytime someone needed assistance.

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A 7-day-old baby stopped breathing leaving the parents helpless… Here’s how a police could save her…
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