The woman stunned to realize the significance of Frank Sinatra’s furious letter… Watch her reaction in the video below…

The worth of a hilariously sarcastic letter written by the Sultan of Swoon himself nearly knocked this woman over when she discovered it.

The Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko and the famed singer Frank Sinatra formerly competed against one another, as those who are familiar with the publication may recall. Royko criticized Sinatra in a piece for appearing in Chicago with a police escort.

For people in the public eye, it is unfortunate that the narrative and stories about your life might often be beyond your control.

They are reported by authors and opinion leaders who make money by publishing these tales. Making these stories sensational can thus serve as a motivator for anyone looking to make money. However, they can also reveal the less appealing aspects of famous people.

The reaction Sinatra had to Royko’s letters was widely reported. Years later, the journalist’s kid was still writing about it on his own blog.

Nevertheless, I haven’t found Royko’s original letter.
Sinatra responded by stating that he had never asked for police protection and that it was not necessary.

“Your information’s source is obviously bad, but I’ve never been surprised by that from people who make their career by writing for newspapers. They rarely present accurate information. I would appreciate it if the cops chose to be understanding with me. Why not vent your frustrations with the Chicago Police Department instead of me, or is it too much work for you to handle?”Sinatra enquired.

In the letter, Sinatra also responded to several insults Royko had directed personally at him.

Along with more serious accusations that he assaulted an elderly individual, Royko claimed that he wore a “hairpiece.”

The garbage dealers I call hookers are without a doubt what they are, and you are a pimp because you are using people to make money, just like they are, Sinatra wrote. “You and millions of other gullible Americans read that kind of crap written by the same female gossip columnists that you are so gallantly trying to protect: the garbage dealers I call hookers, and there’s no doubt that is exactly what they are.”

He then pressed Royko to back up his claims, even making a $100,000 offer to Royko if he was mistaken.

I’ll let you pull at my “hairpiece.” He hilariously wrote, “If it moves, I will give you another $100,000; if it doesn’t, I smack you in the mouth.

Rokyo responded to Sinatra’s letter by calling the “short man with a thick neck” who delivered the letter a “flunky” and made fun of the way he spoke. Under the guise of a “apology,” he continued to poke fun at Sinatra while acknowledging that he never struck out at “elderly drunks,” only younger ones.

Royko could have provided a factually sound defense if he had been genuinely worried about how tax monies were being used and how well the city was protected with some of its police force serving as security guards.

Instead, his column was more of a hook to get readers to listen to a gossip column, which in turn encouraged rudeness toward others.
However, people genuinely buy into that sort of thing. Royko sold the letter at auction for $400 and donated the money to the Salvation Army.

The buyer of the letter was a fan named Vie Carlson, mother of “Cheap Trick” drummer.

Years later, she appeared on Antiques Roadshow, and when she found out the letter was worth $15,000, she almost fell over.
She was particularly shocked when someone off-camera made her a $100 bid for it. Her response was just priceless.

Carlson incessantly cried out for a chair, stating she was going to pass out.

She was simply ecstatic.
The appraiser stated, “Sinatra memorabilia is as in demand as it gets and it really doesn’t get any better than this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went for more than that.”

The letter was reportedly given a new value of $20,000 as well.

With 24 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, Carlson told the Chicago Tribune, “I can use the money.”

She also stated that she intended to donate some to The Salvation Army.

Watch Carlson’s sweet reaction in the video below;

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The woman stunned to realize the significance of Frank Sinatra’s furious letter… Watch her reaction in the video below…
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